Freedom Island LIFE EXCELLED

The blending of cold and warmth. The mix of cold, fresh air, and the smoothness of sand and warmth.

Laws of the Land

1. Must be skater/skier

2. Must be loyal/ stay true

3.Must master/be able to teach an extreme sport

4. No druggies

5. Clean laungage

6. Be kind

7. No judging allowed

8. Work hard

9. Provide help when needed.

10. Include everyone

Freedom Island is located near Hawaii. It is in between Alaska and Hawaii so it is warm on one side and snowy on another. The island is new so it is full of plants and fish.

Wake up and stretch and do yoga.

Beautiful buffet breakfast on the beach.

Decide on sport for the day.

Shred your chosen sport for at least three hours.

Go home to family and clean up.

Have a clean dinner made by yourself.

Depending on age, participate in some type of education

After 2 hours of education, study religion

Are free for the rest of day.

Weekends are free.

Excercise is required

Freedom island will be the best thing to happen to you. With beautiful beaches, amazing ski resorts, and amazing entertainment. Food is to die for, powder is prestine, and water is the perfect tempurature.


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