Canbury School Newsletter 22nd May 2020. issue 205

Dear Parents, Students and Staff

I don't know how we do it - but we have. We've completed five long weeks of EXCEPTIONAL learning and DEDICATED teaching. I am in awe of you all. Almost all of us have gone that extra mile, been creative, well-behaved, focussed, attentive and tried our very best to either do the work or prepare, teach and mark it. My non-teaching staff have all carried on behind the scenes too, so that Canbury has continued to thrive, albeit in a very different way. I like you am looking forward to the day when we can re-open, but for now, our promotional video, which has been produced in record time, will have to be a second best for those who cannot visit us to see for themselves the wonderful things you all get up to here at Canbury. Have your hankerchief at the ready - I blub every time I watch it! Thank you to all those who contributed. Sorry you didn't all make the final cut. We will however be making a second promotional video for our in-coming Year 7s, so there will be a chance to contribute again.

The video has been sent home to parents and students watched it here today. Sadly I couldn't get the link to work here in the newsletter but it is on the Canbury School Twitter account and will be on the school website shortly.

Assembly was another brilliant affair today, with, amongst other news, the announcement of the new Prefect Team for the next academic year 2020-2021. There are some exciting new prefect positions to the original line-up. All successful candidates are listed further below.

I am so excited for this evening's first remote Canbury Quiz Night. Much as we would all rather be physically together, while we can't do that I would like to thank my charity prefect team of Otti, Zac and Mrs Rich for bringing us all together in a different way for some FUN. And what a great way to round off a superb five weeks of home learning by you all?!

The invites have been sent out for a Google Calendar video meet up to the addresses we have been given, to either students, staff or personal emails. Only one member of each team needs to click the link. Please let Mrs Rich know if you or your child has not received the invite and she will rectify this for you. I recommend you do this now through - please don't leave it until 6.55pm to get in touch!

Zac has also kindly created an online quiz paper that will be emailed to students just before the quiz starts but you are also welcome to use a pen and paper if you prefer.

Donations to this years school charity (The National Autistic Society) are welcomed - https://www.autism.org.uk/get-involved/donate.aspx

Lastly we are encouraging (but it's not compulsory) book themed fancy dress so please do have a think and see if you can rustle up a costume from what you have at home. A prize for most creative costume is up for grabs! I know we're all going to have a lot of fun tonight - please do take a few photos and send them into reception. We'll put them in the next newsletter.

Finally I will leave you with this thought - don't worry about the things you can't control (and I don't just mean the 'C' word. It's a complete waste of brain cells and energy. Go and do something positive instead and/or do Ms Patrycja's "Kindness Bingo". See below - a far better way to spend your week!

I wish everyone a restful half term. Staff have been told to switch OFF their computers this evening (after quiz night of course) and rest this week. It's been tough for everyone. Thank you to you all for your continued support, hard work, input and kind words. Should anyone have a safeguarding issue the safeguarding email is safeguarding@canburyschool.co.uk This should ONLY be used by students, parents or staff with a safeguarding issue.

Kind regards

Ms Clancy



Students of the week

Year 7

Karim for his excellent character study of Tom in The Midnight Garden

Year 7 historians for some excellent work on the good and bad points of living in a Medieval town. Rats featured heavily in our lesson!

Great participation from everyone in the Spanish cafe. What a shame we couldn’t actually taste those delicious drinks and snacks!

Karim for great work in Mathematics

Evia for the way that she has embraced online learning and her determination to develop her understanding of angles rules.

Thomas, Karim, Angus, Freddie and Evia for their excellent efforts on the different Dr Frost Maths activities this week.

Year 8

Great work from Peter, two days running, in IXL Maths working on fractions.

Year 8 Geographers - for a fantastically focused approach, studying the water cycle.

Anders Hart for consistent high standards in every Drama lesson this half term. Congratulations Anders.

Excellent participation from everyone in the Spanish summer camp lessons with particular mention to Kyrell for his effort this week. Well done to you all, you have worked very sensibly throughout the remote lessons.

Anders, Adam, Flora, Carl, Connor, Zac and Ross for their consideration of others during Mathematics lessons this week.

Kyrell for the detailed history work he has been producing on the Stuarts. Well done!

Year 9

Otti and Harry A for very good work on the rise of Hitler.

Very good work in English from Lauren, Phoebe, Matthew and Otti on the little known dynamo of the frozen north - Ada Blackjack. Do look her up!

Great work using all three tenses in Spanish this week. Mrs Porter says she has been so proud of your enthusiasm throughout our remote learning.

Harry A for exceptional leadership skills in English. He gave Shaaiyon an extremely helping hand and both students did really well in their project.

Star of this half term is Harry A for consistent high standards in every lesson. Wow Harry!

Harry A and Matthew for their excellent teamwork in Mathematics.

Harry L for being the top student in the school on Dr Frost Maths this week with a total score of 384 points. Go Larry!

Year 10

Max, Oskar and Sebastian for their continued hard work and efforts in Geography this term. Well done lads!

Business Studies students, for working consistently hard in lessons throughout this half term.

Max, Seb, Oskar and Rhian for some first rate transactional writing in English - it was clear in both purpose and expression. Very good.

Excellent participation from Seb, Harry and Armani in GCSE Spanish lessons throughout these tricky times.

Harry, Rhian, Max, Shiroxley, Armani, Victor, Louis and Alex for the positive approach and determination to develop their knowledge of trigonometry this week.


Year 11

Excellent history work from Emily on the English Reformation.

Fantastic work rate and super crystallisation of the year’s teaching from Emily in English.

Matt and Rosie for excellent work this half term.

An astonishing letter to her MP from Amy, and a very, very good one from Matt.

Amy for her hard work, determination and success answering the sine and cosine rule past exam questions on Dr Frost Maths.

Ben for achieving 264 points and being the top Year 11 student on Dr Frost Maths this week.

Well done Caitlin for producing excellent brochures in Travel and Tourism.

Year 12

Luca and Jasmina for their positive attitude towards Maths.

Top tips and reflections - What cheered you up today? Facetime chat with my bestie! Mrs Freeman.

Introducing the Canbury Prefect team for 2020-2021.

Congratulations to the following students who were voted in last Friday. Ms Clancy announced the new prefect team at today's assembly. She also made reference to the mature way everyone conducted themselves during the (online) hustings and the (remote) voting. She was particularly heartened by the resilience and good grace shown by those who didn't get a position this time. You certainly are a mature bunch of young people. Ms Clancy also said at assembly that she is really looking forward to House Events come September. You have been warned - House Captains AND everyone else!

Head Boy - Max.

Head Girl - Ellie.

Johnson House Captain - Louis.

Noble House Captain - Matthew A.

Campbell House Captain - Harry B.

Sports Prefect - Lauren.

Charity Prefect - Ottilie.

Environment Prefect - Alannah.

Drama Prefect - Rhian.

Entertainment Prefect - Harry B.

History Prefect - Luca.

A normal day at Canbury......

So Chris baked a chocolate, almond and banana cake - you're killing us Chris! Meanwhile Felix had to tell off Mrs Hurrell's dog Luna to stop barking and disrupting his lesson, and Seb took a well earned rest after his solo game of football in Monday's PE lesson. "Despite not being sports prefect I am still willing to get better at my sports so I can help other younger students and be a good mentor for them," he said. Bravo Seb. 

Top tips and reflections - what can you be grateful for today? That I have toy airplanes and a tramopline to play with while at home. Karim. 

Eyes down for an act of kindness (or five...)

In Ms Patrycja's brilliant bingo you don't have to have a line or a column - as long as you tick off five boxes, that is fine. But why not go the extra mile and do MORE than five. Maybe you'll make a "cup of tea" for "two fat ladies"...geddit?! Off you go - you've certainly got time to be kind next week. Students, parents and staff are all welcome to have a go.

Top tips and reflections - what can you be grateful for? Fresh air. Miss Patrycja.

House Events

Congratulations to Matt W and Harry C who won the escape room challenge with a time of 10 mins 22 secs. Rhian, Lauren, Flora and Armani got out just after them in 12min, eight secs. Well done EVERYONE! It's not easy to escape virtually from a room when your team isn't even in the same room. Just think about that for a moment!

Go on, give it a go. You can improve week on week and Mr Barnes might even allow you to include it as part of your PE session!
Create your name or a word by using pictures you have taken at home or out and about. Try and be as creative as you can. Please return by lunchtime to Mrs Veacock or Mr Bourgi via google classroom. Thursday 4th June. The winner will be announced in the Newsletter on Friday 5th June. Good luck.

Top tips and reflections - Did you notice any helpful thoughts you would like to share? Stop and breath in the fresher air and listen to the birds. The air is cleaner and the streets are quieter. Mrs J Davies. 

Embracing difference and harnessing talent - someone wants to spread the word about Canbury.

We are thrilled to bring you news that Ms Clancy has been nominated for the Positive Role Model Award at the National Diversity Awards!

The importance of having a role model can never be underestimated; role models help us to be driven, to focus, to achieve goals and strive to gain success. The positive role model award recognises an individual within the community who shows selflessness, drives change and works tirelessly to inspire others, helping create a more diverse and inclusive society.

We don't know who nominated Ms Clancy, and she had to be persuaded to let us include this in the Newsletter. But it's testament to the amazing work she does, supported by her staff, and which is making such a positive difference to all our students.


Top tips and reflections - What cheered you up today? Thinking about the week off! Mrs Rich. 

Canbury students cook up a storm in the kitchen.

Well done Flora, Alannah, Matthew A, Lucas, and Emilia - you are all chefs of the week! Our culinary maestros prepared sweet and sour chicken with broccoli and carrots sides in under an hour from scratch - and on one of the hottest days so far!!

Clockwise from left: Delicious dishes from Alannah, Ms Clancy, Matthew and Lucas. Well done everyone!

Ms Clancy is certainly feeling the heat as she announces the week back after half term it will be risotto. Here's what you will need:

125g Risotto rice

100g pancetta, cubed - you can substitute for something veggie if preferred (but it won't taste as good!)

Vegetable stock cubes

One onion

garlic (lazy garlic) - ie the squeezy tube variety if you prefer

Mushrooms - small punnet - fresh or frozen

Italian herbs

Worcester sauce

Large frying pan

Measuring jug

Have chicken, will cook. Flora gets busy.

Top tips and reflections - I looked after myself by: Washing my hands frequently and social distancing from my family to not make them ill. I have also looked after myself by getting plenty of sleep so I can concentrate during online lessons. Lauren.

Making the most of what's on our doorstep.

Elsehwre, Harry B cycled to Hampton Court and back, stopping only to gaze on the beautiful flowers. And Alannah is missing Canbury so much that she went on a dog walk past the building. Hang in there Alannah, we'll all be back sometime not too long away!

Top tips and reflections - I looked after myself by: Eating a healthy balanced diet. Seb. 

Meanwhile.....while Max is go go go.....

We're not sure new Head Boy Max will have time to come back to school and take up his new duties when lockdown is over. Here he is gardening, exercising and helping grout the patio as well as cooking and playing Game Of Thrones RISK and Game of Thrones Monopoly. We really do hope this wasn't all on the same day.....

Top tips and reflections - Did you notice any helpful thoughts you would like to share? 'Tomorrow will be a good day'. Mrs Bowen and Captain Tom Moore. 

........Lucas is a little more slow, slow, slow!

Lucas and Lile - man's best friend. And a sea unicorn, just because. Happy half term everyone.