Weapons In WWII By: Dawson Borkinof &Matt eposito

The M1 Grand was the most common standard rifle for World War 2. With many of the enemies still using bolt action weapons, it gave the United States a huge advantage by using semi automatic weapons. Not only were they much faster then bolt action weapons, they were much more accurate.
The Standard issue sidearm for U.S. Armed Forces from 1911 until 1986, the Colt has even been modified and for use now-a-days. The handgun offered power in a little gun shooting .45 caliber rounds semi automatically. It was a very reliable sidearm for the Us Infantry during WWII.
The Lee-Enfield Rifle was the gun most common to the British Army. Although the M1 grand could shoot faster, The Lee-Enfield would make up for it in accuracy. The precision of the weapon makes it a weapon that is still around today, used by the Bangladesh Police.
The PPSh-41 was the Soviet Union's weapon of choice during WWII. It was cheaper than the sub machine gun they used to be using but it is also more accurate. This gun could handle up to 1000 rounds per minute with magazines of 71 pistol rounds.
The Sten Gun was created solely for necessity. The British needed a cheap weapon to stop the German invasion. This gun was created for strong fire power and due to the fast production of the gun, it didn't look pretty and often misfired.
The U.S produced over 1.5 million Thompsons during the WWII time period because this was the weapon of choice for America including Police, Armed forces, And even Criminals. This was equipped with a do round magazine that shot .45 caliber bullets which provided excellent stopping power.
The Bren LMG is a British weapon that is powerful and easy to use. The Bren was the British armies main light machine gun and were placed 3 per platoon. The Bren has a fire rate of 500-520 rounds per minute.
This weapon was not really new for the time period the U.S. was already using this weapon in Vietnam. even though the German And British heavy machine guns were newer the M1918 BAR was still as good as them. It weighed about 15 pounds and shot .30-06 rounds from a cartridge of usually 20.
The MG34 Is a German Light Machine Gun that gave them lots of power. It was a reliable and a well crafted weapon with a 900 round per minute fire rate. It could be carried by 1 man and could be used as a semi auto or a fully auto weapon.
The StG 44 was a assault rifle made by the Nazis, Hitler was working hard for this gun so it made his army just that much better. During WWII Germany made over 425,000 StG's. Obviously that did not change what happened to them in war.


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