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‚ÄčTrying Adobe Spark Video.

I don't know why, but I found this very hard to use. I kept trying to use shortcuts I'm already familiar with in Adobe apps and had to go back and edit with the actual menu options. I still feel like I don't have quite the level of control that I was expecting with Adobe Spark Video. Maybe I'm not using it properly. It's a nice tool, but would rather work on it as an app than a web based app.

Will keep exploring my options with Adobe Spark Video.

My Heart is Empty 2.0

I decided to go back and re-do the entire experience. I still feel restricted to what I can do, but I did enjoy working with Adobe Spark Post more than video. Was a little frustrated at the narration getting cut off between slides. Had to leave an extra second of silence after each narration to achieve a smooth audio transition between slides.

Here is Spark Video Version 2.0 with narration.

Here are the 5 Spark Post images.

Spark Post images for Spark Video.

Week 2 - Educational Resource

This week's assignment was even more challenging than the previous one. It took me a few hours to gather my thoughts and resources for this video. I still find Spark Video to be so limited. Had to do many of the desired effects in Photoshop. I don't like that I can't format the text on my videos. And the narration tool still cuts off between slides. Learning to leave empty spaces after each narration. But, all in all I'm pretty happy with the outcome and can see how valuable of a beginner tool this can be for learners. It also serves as a nice multimedia experience for the classroom.

I added one last minute sample image created with Adobe Post. That was definitely my favorite editing experience.

Hiragana 1-2-3

Spark Video

Spark Post - Sample

Spark Page

Final Assignment - Reflections

What a journey! This has been a rollercoaster ride. I definitely learned a lot about quick online output. I learned how frustrating it is to go from a powerful tool like Photoshop or Premiere and have to work within strict restrictions. Yet, I finally understand the power of Adobe Spark. Having a FREE tool with Multiplatform delivery is an incredible resource.

The biggest thing I learned is to keep it clean and simple. Spark Page and Post are very powerful, but Video is a little bit more limited. Video forces you to think a little bit harder about what your intended post should be. At first I found it incredibly frustrating, but once I got the hang of the narration, I quickly became a huge fan. It's basically Premiere without the complicated edits and multitracks.

Being a student was a rewarding experience. I like having the structure of a live weekly course with so many resources. The community gave me some really useful criticism that helped me shape and re-shape my assignments.

I feel that Adobe Post worked the best for me. Even though I used more of Video, I like the flexibility I had with Post. I'd like to see more of the Post elements in Video. My personal biggest challenge was creating a video with Spark Video. I struggled with the narration getting cut off and not having many transitions and effects to work with. Yet, I embraced it as my favorite Spark presentation. Probably because of the challenges it provided me.

I can see these being very powerful tools for unleashing creativity at work or in the classroom. I was highly motivated to work on my journal and build new content. I like being put in the place of the student so I can experience the joys and frustrations of working with a blank canvas.

As for assessment, I like the Education Exchange community and all the feedback and support they've offered me in this course and other Adobe courses. If I were to do this in the classroom, I'd encourage students to provide feedback on each other's assignments and get inspiration from their peers.

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