Inevitable Fate Watchmen

How does Dr. Manhattan's perception of time and fate change our own interpretation about our fate?
Throughout the course of the novel, we are captivated by Dr. Manhattan's super god-like abilities and never before seen understanding of the future. Yet, he lacks a sense of urgency that we as human beings admire in those around us.
Numerous times, we are shocked as Dr. Manhattan fails to act in times of urgent desperation. Fate, as he says, seems to always triumph. He is lackluster to the point where he is accepting rather than calling to our needs and trying to fix dangerous and morbid disasters that is evident in human history.

Watchmen challenges this idea of Free Will vs. Predetermination. Different characters hold different believes as to what exactly should be the actions of the present. Rorschach has a different outlook on what exactly free will encompasses. Rorschach is a game-changer, he is never reluctant to accept his responsibilities in acting upon his free-will and helping change the outcome of the future. Throughout the novel, this becomes a consistent theme.

Rorschach's attitude is different from Dr. Manhattan's. Rorschach believes that one's free will to change the course of events will forever hold its value to those who suffer.

The story touches upon a great amount of philosophical questions. But the idea that fate can be inevitable is unavoidable. If things are predetermined, what constitutes for the actions of the character? Why try to change them if they are going to be set in stone in the future? We see the true integrity of the characters dissolve throughout the novel. Dr. Manhattan decides to watch from the sidelines. He avoids getting entangled in the possibility of changing horrific events in human history. Is he wrong?

We ultimately come ack to the philosophical question. Is it worth i to act upon our own free will to try and alter our fate? Some will say absolutely but time and time again, fate seems to shows its inevitability. Throughout Watchmen, we learn that is unavoidable, and it can't be affected by humans. Fate is powerful and tough to swallow. Watchmen shows that sometimes we have to come together collectively and accept it ourselves.

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