The Globe Theater Jordyn Camp period 1


The Globe Theater is a marvelous structure, and is home to many of Shakespeares greatest plays.

"The Globe was round or polygonal on the outside and probably round on the inside. The theater may have held as many as 3,000 spectators."

The theater was very open and very spacious for everyone to see what was going on. The stage had two parts to it. The outer stage and inner stage so that the performers had a wide variety to move around on.

It was three stories high and had no roof. The stories each represented and had different things going on in each of them.

¨Its stage occupied the open-air space, with a pit in front for standing viewers. The stage was surrounded by several levels of seating."

The seating was very convenient for everyone to be able to see and not miss any action. The theater was able to fit 3000 people or more.

¨Its stage occupied the open-air space, with a pit in front for standing viewers. The stage was surrounded by several levels of seating

The stage was surrounding by lots of seating which gave the audience a better sight at what they came to watch. It makes everyone's experience more enjoyable.

"In 1613, the Globe burned down. It was rebuilt on the same foundation and reopened in 1614. The Globe was shut down in 1642 and torn down in 1644. A reconstruction of the theater was completed 200 yards (183 meters) from the original site in 1996, and it officially opened in 1997."

The globe theater had to be shut down and moved to a different location. A replica of the globe theater now stands near its location in south London. Housing began to replace where the original globe theaters location.

"The Theatre and moved it across the River Thames to a new site in Southwark. There they used the old timbers to erect a new theater called the Globe Theatre."

The Globe Theater had to be moved to a fire and it burning down as well as the puritans having many disagreements to where they had it shut down.

During the fire no one got injured except for someone's clothing caught fire, but a bystander was able tp put it out with the beer he had.

"At the time, women were not allowed to perform and work as actresses in a theater. Instead, men had to dress up as the women and wear a ton of make-up. Strangely enough, this make-up led to many early deaths due to the high lead content in the make-up"

Women were not allowed to be involved in the performances, so the younger boys had to play as the women and it was mainly only younger boys and the men played as a man.

Since the stage was open to the sky, there was no need for stage lighting. There were very few sets (scenery , furniture , and so on). The stage was "set" by the language. The plays were played in the afternoon.

In the back wall of this stage was a curtained-off inner stage. Flanking the inner stage were two doors for entrances and exits. Above this inner stage was a small balcony or upper stage, which could be used to suggest Juliet's balcony or the high walls of a castle or the bridge of a ship.

Trapdoors were placed in the floor of the main stage for entrances and exits of ghosts and for descents into hell.

We can see that this stage, with its few sets and many acting areas--forestage, inner stage, and upper stage-- made for a theater of great fluidity. That is, scene could follow scene with almost cinematic area.

In one interesting aspect the theater in Shakespeare's day was very different from the theater we know today.


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