The beauty of the black capped chickadee A Saleh, Trudy, and Dvij Production

Our Group Project Reflection-

Tackling this project meant to break it into parts that were assigned to each group member. The organizers we used helped us out a lot. In fact that was the most important part! Once that was finished we got down straight to researching. We spent quite a bit of time staying inside recesses, even in the library! Finally, we started to publish our and the outcome is here for you to judge.

About the Black-Capped Chickadee and what we love-

The Black capped chickadee inhabits most of North America stretching most of Canada and America likely it inhabits guelph as well and it's endangered so we decided to save the Black Capped chickadee. Black-capped chickadees have an excellent memory Black capped chickadee hides seeds and can remember where all the hiding places are. They find holes in old, humid trees and make nests of them. In the summer, the Black-capped chickadee is a scavenger. They love berries, seeds, insects and peanut butter. Black oil sunflower seeds are like treasure for them! Area wise, they LOVE Silver birches and willow trees. They like tall, old ones with some water source nearby...

Our selected area for the black capped chickadee (What's Going on).

Our selected area for the black capped chickadee is a forest with tall, old or dying trees, with straight branches and lots of nesting material, streams, nearby. I have seen black-capped chicks on silver birch trees. Willow and Alder are also trees chickadees in general like. Guelph has a lot of these types of forests. The conservation area around Rodgers road on the other side of the Zehrs is a decent area, and some of our group members have seen black-capped chicks there!


How are we going to help the black-capped chickadee? (How to plan and build your home for wildlife)

We are going to build a birdhouse Which is designed for a black capped chickadee specifically. First we measure out each and every piece on the large wood piece we've gotten. Then we cut out those pieces as precisely as we could out on the scroll saw. We then do some very basic sanding before we measure out the holes we need to drill for ventilation and drainage. After that we do some basic gluing so we can nail easily. We chose to nail since our build was so small, even the smallest crack could ruin the entire project. Finally, hold up your new birdhouse up with pride!

A very short, but helpful video that gave us some knowledge on the black-capped chickadee!


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