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A citizen is a legal member of a city, state, or country. Citizens have the right of freedom of speech and other rights. Paying taxes is a responsibility that all good citizens do. So is voting and obeying the law. If someone breaks the law they go to court, and maybe go jail. Voting is something that every good citizen should do, but not have to do. When they do vote, good citizens should always be informed. Finally, good citizens take responsibility for themselves, respect other people's property, and are active volunteers in their community.

State capital

Representative Democracy is the most effective style of government. Citizens elect leaders to represent their rights and interests. This way is more effective because more interests are heard, and more people have a say in the rules of their government. Many people hold the power, as compared to a Dictatorship where one person has complete power, and Oligarchy with a few people that have complete power. With representative democracy, everybody has a chance to vote and has a say. More different interests are protected. That is why representative democracy is more effective than direct democracy.

US flag- the United States of America is an example of democracy.

There are Centripetal forces that are for, and Centrifugal forces that are against Supranational cooperation. In this paragraph im going to talk about how centripetal forces should unite Europe. One centripetal force is the Common Market. It unites Europe by allowing goods and workers to travel more freely. Another centripetal force is the development of the Supranational level of government. The Supranational level of government unites Europe by allowing it to work on issues that everyone shares, like pollution. You may not agree with me, but I think that centripetal is the answer to Supranational cooperation.

EU flag


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