Heritage House By Omarii B.

Question 1

Favorite room

I'm going to choose the office.The office has this really cool skull!Next to it is a penny bank.And on the other side Of the skull there is a privacy curtain .on a chair they have a pillmaker and a typewriter.Behind the chair there is another chair called a surgerychair.And he makes medicine from plants.

This is the house Dr.Clark(the first doctor in Fullerton)built for his wife.

Question 2

Compare rooms

Dr.Clarks office is the same as mine because it has a table and a rug. The way it is different is because in my room I don't have a human skull although it may be cool or a skeleton. Neither a pillmaker,typewriter or medical capsules. But I compared many things. I compared what was similar and different.

Question 3

Which one do you like better!?

In my opinion I prefer my own room. Here are four reasons why! My first reason I don't want to live in Dr.Clarks office is because I don't want to live in a office. There is nothing to do. What can I eat. And how can I take a shower. So I am never going to live in Dr.Clarks office.


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