Comparing Traits Kaif Rehmani

George Washington vs. Me

Confidence - Having full and complete trust in something/someone

Confidence is a trait I have because I always am confidence for the steps that I take because if I take a wrong step because I am not sure of something, it can mess up a lot of stuff. Being Confident is really important because people would remember me as someone who knew what they were doing. Confidence can help you reach your goals in life.

George Washington had this trait too because he was confident in being a leader. He was a great leader because he had confidence in his decisions. In the Revolutionary War he was outnumbered by a lot but he still didn't give up because and it showed what a great leader he was. People remember him as a winner and someone who had confidence in what they were doing and not just taking random steps in life. If Washington didn't do what he did back then America wouldn't be where it is now.

This trait is positive because it shows that he knew what he was doing.

John Adams. Me

COMPASSIONATE - showing SYMPATHY for others

I am a compassionate person because I care a lot about how people feel and if they're down I try my best to cheer them up. I love seeing people happy because it puts me in a good mood which puts others in a good mood. It's like a chain reaction! This leaves a good legacy behind for me because it shows people how caring I am.

John Adams was a compassionate person as well because during presidency he was trying to see how he could make the world a better place. Adams was trying to help others around them with the problems they were having. Adams tried to solve a problem as soon as their was one. This leaves a great legacy behind for Adams because it shows people he was great person at heart.

This is a positive trait because it shows others how caring we were and also it can help us in the long run.

Thomas Jefferson vs. Me

Studious - Spends a lot of time studying

One trait about me is being studious because I spend lots of time studying for tests and quizzes that are coming up. I take out lots of time studying so I can get good grades. I do this because I know that all that time and hard work will pay off and I will be getting good grades. People will be remembering me as the one who was well educated because of how much time I took studying.

This was a trait about Thomas Jefferson too because in his life he started studying at age 5. Thomas Jefferson entered college at age 16 and graduated by age 19 from College of William and Mary of Virginia. This shows he knows what he is doing because any decisions he takes will be smart. He had lots of knowledge at young ages which helps in debates. People remember Jefferson as a smart and hardworking man which is good.

This trait is positive because it can help you make the right decisions and you can easily find out whats good and bad using general knowledge.

James Madison vs. Me

Timid - Not opening up much to others

I am timid when I meet new people. I do not like being timid because it can give other people a wrong impression of me which is bad because it might show me as a different person as to what I really am. People will see me as the small and timid person if they judge me off my first impression which I don't like.

James Madison was also very timid. He made lots of bad first impressions to people because of his weak voice. He was very reserved with strangers and he didn't open up to them much for them to have a good impression of him. He also had a small stature and that didn't help too much either with meeting new people. People remembered Madison as a small guy because he wasn't confident in what he was saying because he was very timid.

This was a negative trait because it made a bad impression and people think something different about you rather than what you actually are.

James Monroe vs. Me

Guide - Someone who guides others or is a leader for them

I am a good leader and a good guide. I am someone who will speak up for you and tell you what's wrong and what's right. I will help you and be a leader for you. People will see me as someone who is a leader and someone who knows will help them get on the right path.

James Monroe was a good guide because he was once a military leader. This helped in his presidency because people knew what he was capable so he had a higher chance of winning. People remembered him as a good guide because of the way he treated people and the way he guided them to be good.

I think this trait is a positive trait because it shows what great of a leader you can be just by guiding people.

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