Points of View Andersen Dimon

Mr. Cunningham as He Confronts Atticus

As we rode up to the jailhouse that night I wondered If going after Tom was the right idea. After we led the sheriff on a wild goose chase, I thought there would be little to no resistance. But when we rolled up to the spot and filed out of the cars, we found a surprising sight. Atticus Finch was waiting on the stairs, sitting in an office chair with a newspaper in his hand, and a lamp beside him. I knew he was the defense attorney for Tom Robinson, but I didn't think we would find him defending his life outside of the jailhouse alone. There was an attempt to make him move, and threats made against him before one of his kids came out from the bushes and ran through the mob up to him. Then two more came with her from the bushes. Their presence would only make entry into the house more difficult. He tried to shoo them away before his Daughter called me out saying "hey Mr. Cunningham, how's your entailment going?" It was the last thing I expected. I stayed quiet in hopes of her leaving me alone, but she kept talking anyway. Next she asked how my son was doing, and I couldn't act like I didn't know her anymore so I gave her a faint nod. As she talked I realized more and more what I was doing at that jailhouse and who I would have to go through to get to Tom, my friends. Atticus had done legal work for me previously, and I could only pay him in what little crops we had, but he accepted it nonetheless. I told the boys to leave, and we left. It only took someone I knew to deter the whole mob.

Final Speech at the Trial: Tom Robinson's point of view

Atticus had made such a great argument for me, but I knew deep down that it wouldn’t affect the outcome of the verdict. I tried my best to believe that the people up there on jury would be goodhearted and see the Ewell’s for what they are; trash. It was overall a painful experience watching the girl who I felt so bad for, accuse me to save her own skin and dignity. Her family and life must truly be a mess. The people who believe her story must also be a mess in some way, there was no reason why they should’ve. I wish there was some way to change the way the people in the town thought of black folks, but it would be a hard chore, if at all possible. Sometimes people just think the way they do and do the things they do because that’s just how it is.

Walking Home on Halloween: Bob Ewell's point of view

I knew they would be walking home that night, there was no reason for them not to. Watching from the back, I saw as someone asked them for a ride, and thankfully they declined as it would’ve ruined my whole plan. I walked behind them for a while, planning my sinister act in my head, while trying to be as quiet as possible. It was a hard task with the boots and rough, rigid pants that I had on. As we came closer to the street, I started to pick up the pace, but they stopped suddenly. Jem and Scout yelled out for their friend in my direction, they must’ve thought I was playing a prank on them. I knew they were aware of my presence but I waited slightly longer until the right moment, and charged. The mesh suit was tough but I still tried to cut through it, unsuccessfully. The boy jumped on me, and I slammed him to the ground for it. As he screamed I heard another set of footsteps, ones I had not accounted for. Whoever’s they were they were fast, and before I knew it there was a knife in my back.

Jem's Pants Get Caught on the Radley'sFence: Boo Radley's Point of View

One of the Finch children was in the yard last night, his pants got caught on the fence when he was running from my big brother. I hate how he always scares them off. It is the only interaction I get, but I like it because it’s indirect. I don’t have to see them or talk, just send messages through toys, or acts of kindness. Sometimes I wonder how far they will take it, if they will ever knock on the door and ask for me. It’s a huge curiosity of mine what they think I’m like. Maybe they think I’m tall and strong, or maybe the opposite. I sewed the boy’s pants back together for him, I thought he’d be back for them. Sure enough when I looked out the window the next morning they had vanished from where they had been neatly folded on top of the fence.

In Review

This review was overall a good experience to take the story into perspective from different character’s positions. While writing the moments from their perspective, I often found myself wondering what the events look liked from their point of view (I know that’s what the point of the activity), but it was more in depth than what I normally would think while reading. It made me consider the events more deeply because I wanted to get inside the minds of the characters to write as accurately as I could from their mind. It was surprisingly easy to write the paragraphs once I started typing them and got into the groove of it. The experience was great for remembering the older parts of the book in detail and rereading scenes. It helped me a lot with reviewing the important parts of the book while also doing the project. It was a good learning experience.

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