Canning Vale Education Support Centre Newsletter 3rd July 2020

Principal's Message

Jodie Norwell, Principal.

What a term! Hopefully we have seen the last of the restrictions COVID-19 has imposed on us and next term will be very smooth sailing!

I am so proud of our students who have coped exceptionally well with the sudden changes and the re-entry back into school. Well done to all parents and carers who managed to continue learning at home – often very difficult to do when managing a household, work and family commitments!

Reports have been sent home already, please check your child’s bag if you have not received it as yet. It has been very pleasing to see how much progress all students have made, despite the disruptions they have endured. All students should be exceptionally proud of their achievements during this time.

Next term, we will keep up with the intense cleaning practices and procedures across the school to ensure other bugs and germs are kept to a minimum too. Our cleaners work around the clock to ensure ALL surfaces are cleaned and disinfected multiple times during the day. They have been amazing and worked tirelessly all through this term to ensure everyone is kept safe. Our sincere gratitude to them was celebrated earlier in the term on International Cleaner’s Day.

Feedback from our families has been very positive about the drop off and pick up at the front gates, each morning and afternoon. We will continue this next term too, however families are welcome inside the school if they wish.

A reminder that if you do enter the school grounds, please keep socially distanced from others, use hand sanitiser and good hand washing practices and cover any coughs and sneezes with tissues or your elbow.

Students who are unwell will be sent home so that we can minimise exposure to other students who have compromised immune systems. If your child is sick, please continue to keep them home until they are recovered and have no symptoms. We thank you for your understanding.

During the holidays, our Administration Front Office will be getting a makeover. We are renovating and upgrading the reception area to ensure families and visitors have comfortable and inviting area to enter when visiting our wonderful office ladies, Mrs Gray and Mrs Day.

Lastly, a reminder that school will commence on Tuesday 21st July. Monday, 20th July is a School Development Day for all staff and no students are required to attend.

Wishing you all a safe and wonderfully fun holiday break!

Kind regards, Jodie Norwell, Principal.

AEIIP Classroom News

Mrs Mulder’s Kindy students in the Autism Early Intensive Intervention class are learning to put furniture into the correct room of a dolls house to extend their play skills. We have a visual schedule to assist those who need it to correctly set up the furniture and dolls. The students are required to label the name of each room. This is working toward imitating real life scenarios in addition to equipping the students to play appropriately with the doll house when sharing with a peer.

Another skill students have begun working towards is being able to put on dress-ups independently. Encouraging your child to dress independently at home will help them with achieving this goal. They are then expected to role play the character they have dressed up as. They are given the opportunity to do this independently but if they require help they are provided with a script and modelling by the teacher. Some of the favourite dress-ups include a pirate, fireman, Spiderman, and a robot. Students are directed to choose something different each week and each child is now getting used to trying different things. It was also great to see all our students bring in a book and dress up for our Book Week Kindy Parade with our friends from B6 and B7! Rochelle Mulder, Teacher.

The pre-primary students had a great term learning new skills. One of the new skills the students worked on was sharing news. There are two different ways the students are sharing their news. One is telling news with an item. The second is telling their news by retelling what they have done on the weekend.

The student begins by saying “good morning everyone” to which the other students reply “good morning (student name)”. They will then discuss their item or talk about their event. When the student has finished talking, they will ask “are there any questions”? Their peers will then ask questions in relation to their news. When the student is finished answering questions, they will end their news by saying “thank you for listing to my news”. The students will reply “your'e welcome (student name)”. Akaran brought in a board game he plays at home for his news. Maaz wrote down where he went on the weekend and who he was with.

Well done to B8 pre-primary students for your great work this term. I hope you have a lovely safe holiday and I look forward to seeing you return for Term 3. Siobhan Sweeney, Teacher.

B9 Classroom News

One of the great things about teaching in an Education Support facility is the way that lessons can present so many learning opportunities beyond one single objective. For example, in cooking we do more than learn about basic cooking/life skills. We have the opportunity to make choices, take turns and practice courtesy language. That is why it is so pleasing when the children respond appropriately during these lessons. This term Siddharth has made huge strides in this regard and is to be warmly congratulated for the progress he is making. He frequently makes polite requests to have more toast and can be relied upon to say "please" on each occasion. Indeed, he is learning to make regular requests each day. Well done Siddharth.

In fact, the improvements that many children are making in their basic communication skills is extremely satisfying for all members of our teaching staff. Many children now respond to the Key Word signs for ‘stand up’ and ‘sit down’, during Mat Time. In Semester 1, we focused on eight basic signs and a number of children can now use them. Next semester we will add ten more signs to our list and we are all looking forward to teaching them. It is especially gratifying when we know how much the children like learning to sign.

As we all look towards the winter holiday, it is a good time to think about these and other achievements this semester. I hope everyone enjoys the winter break, and we look forward to seeing you all next term. Bob Beckman, Teacher.

H3 Classroom News

The term is nearly over and we are all looking forward to a well-earned break.

Students have worked hard on their schedules and are starting to perform many of the routines without prompting. Elexis has started to choose her rewards and put them on her card first thing in the morning. Alethial has been performing her greeting routine happily and has initiated this on a couple of occasions. All students have been putting the finished visuals on the back of the card with much less prompting. A lot of time and effort has gone into creating our schedule/tray system and it’s great to see the students developing independence in their work habits.

Students have been enjoying our robot sessions on Friday afternoons and are interacting well with a variety of technology. Alethial and Vinuk are doing really well doing tangrams using OSMO. Rayhan and Sayfiyy are having fun exploring the Sphero and the colours they can change it to. Elexis has been dragging and dropping using the Interactive Whiteboard.

We’ve been having to stay inside during the colder weather so have missed our outdoor morning fitness. Instead, we have been dancing to lots of Jiggle Jam songs. Elexis and Vinuk have done particularly well and are following many of the dance moves, or making up their own! We wish everyone a great holiday … stay safe and dry, see you next term! Darran Wilson Teacher.

H4 Classroom News

Wow what a fantastic end to the term. It has been wonderful that things are starting to get to back to normal and having a full class again! I cannot believe how well everyone has done this semester – especially in regards to achieving so many IEP goals. The students have been working hard all term. There has been lots of fun activities this term such as ‘Music Rocks’ where Millie and Mason have been rocking it playing different musical instruments. Seeing Millie on the drums and holding the beat is amazing! Students have enjoyed their cooking program, making lots of different things (I think the shortbread cookies were the favourite, followed closely by Pizza!!). The students have been trying hard to improve their writing skills and really enjoy using the iPad and using a stylus pen on the writing apps.

Wishing you all a wonderful break and looking forward to next semester!! Dana Langridge, Teacher.

B1 Classroom News

B1 have recently taken on the responsibility of helping to sort the recycling out from the bin in the undercover area. Every Tuesday from now on our intrepid crew will painstakingly sift through all manner of rubbish. Even though the bin is clearly marked, unrecyclable items are still thrown in willy-nilly. That is what our job is; to carefully separate the good from the bad.

One thing we have noticed is the huge amount of little packages in the everyday lunch box, we really do have to find another sustainable way of sourcing food if we want to save our poor fragile planet. Neil Rose, Teacher.

P & C

A friendly reminder that all Billy G's Cookie Dough online orders are due by the 13th July. Please go to www.cookiedough.com.au to register and place your orders.