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I took advanced art this year because I've taken the other art classes & I enjoy art a lot. I like being able to relax & do something that doesn't involve stressing out over school work & harder subjects. I'm hoping to learn more about things I've had little experience with, such as clay & watercolor.

I'm most proud of the Disney Castle I created for the elementary school in a matter of 4 days. It usually takes me weeks to complete an art piece, but this was done quickly & the kids & teachers loved it. My art has improved this year by taking less time to do & being able to create larger projects.

Disney Castle Photo Background

I wanted to redo my watercolor painting of a tree because I felt as if the background wasn't dark enough & the tree didn't look good. I thought it looked like I had no experience with watercolor. I have actually started creating a new version of this piece. I made the background darker by using liquid watercolor, then used ink for the tree instead of just black watercolor. I enjoy it a lot more now.

Two artistic behaviors I think I have had the most improvement with this year would be Develop Art Making Skills & Engage & Persist. Develop art making skills because I've learned new things with materials I've done little with in the past. I learned more techniques with watercolor. I also learned to use ink. I've learned how to use liquid watercolor with water to create beautiful backgrounds & I've learned to use ink & be able to control it & not let it spread or smear with the tree I made to create art work. Engage & persist is the other behavior because I've learned to stop & look at my artwork & ask others for their opinions to improve my work. I've also stuck with my work even when I got frustrated with it & it became hard to do, such as when my first water color piece didn't turn out how I wanted it to or my tree branches didn't look good in my opinion. I asked for help & learned to make thin lines with new brushes. I've also focused on my work because I was learning something new & wanted to do good with the new materials/techniques (liquid watercolor & ink).

A goal I would like to accomplish in the next semester would be to do something with the plaster body of myself other students & I created last year. I'd also like to do an art piece of a lion whether it be with clay, paint, or colored charcoal. I'd like to become more skilled with painting & clay.

February 2017

My skills in making pinch-pot clay sculptures improved. I learned how to continuously work on my project & how to store it properly over night to keep it from drying too fast. I learned that when I make the pinch-pot & I need to add something (in this case, when I added my tail to my narwhal) I had to make sure to make a larger bottom to be able to mold it into the body, not just attach it because that would increase the risk of it breaking during the drying process or while in the kiln.

Another artistic behavior exhibited was Reflect. Throughout this project, I stopped and observed my work. I asked questions on how & what I should do to improve my creation. A big debate was whether or not I should open up the mouth or just put something small, or whether or not I should've made bigger eyes. Every time I saw something that didn't look right or proportionate I'd stop & figure out what needs done or what needed taken off/added. If I were to redo this project, I would make the narwhal's body a little smaller & figure out new ideas for the face.


My skills in working on the wheel and glazing improved. I learned the technique of coning to properly center clay without taking the whole class period. I also learned how to form the clay into a bowl or plate while spinning. I learned not to squeeze the clay too hard to where it falls or gets smashed.

Another artistic behavior I exhibited during the course of my work was Create Original Art because clay thrown on the wheel is always original. Everything created by being thrown is never the same as anything else. I created things that are unique & not exactly like anything else. I thought creatively & trimmed & shaped my bowls differently.

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