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Shakespeare continued to change the world throughout his early, middle, and late life.

Early life

Shakespeare early life


"Shakespeare’s parents belonged to what today would be called the middle class. John Shakespeare, William’s father, was a glove maker who owned a shop in the town of Stratford-upon-Avon"(Lander).

My Ideas:

why didn't his dad try to make more money? in a glove shop, you have the same material as socks, why not? How do you know if you are in the middle class. how does one go up in the classes?

Early life 2


"William Shakespeare was born in the small market town of Stratford-upon-Avon in 1564, the third of eight children. The register of Holy Trinity, the parish church in Stratford, records his baptism on April 26. According to the custom at that time, infants were baptized about three days after their birth."(Lander)

My Ideas:

My question is, why did people have their children doused in water while they were infants? wouldn't the infant drown or get hurt if they breathed in? It is pretty smart for people to do the math and find his birthday.

Early life 3


"Beginning at about the age of 7, William probably attended the Stratford grammar school with other boys of his social class. The school’s highly qualified teachers were graduates of Oxford University. Students spent about nine hours a day in school. They attended classes the year around, except for three brief holiday periods."(Lander).

My Ideas:

Shakespeare must have been a really smart kid to attend grammar school and be writing poems at seven years old. Seven year olds don't seem like they can comprehend a lot of life. Why didnt the teachers have better jobs?

late life/after death


"In 1879, a Shakespeare Memorial was completed on the riverbank above the church. It includes a theater, a museum, and a library that contains valuable books and manuscripts having to do with Shakespeare and his life. The theater burned in 1926, but people immediately donated funds to rebuild it."(Moundfield)

My Ideas:

People thought this person was so important, they immediately donated money to rebuild part to the historic theater, People now a days would probably just let the government take care of it and would shrug it off. That's not right.

Shakespeare's late life


"Richard II is one of a series of plays Shakespeare wrote that deal with English history. One of its scenes, left out of its first versions but included later, contains a controversial discussion about the deposing of a monarch. The day before the Earl of Essex led a revolt against Queen Elizabeth I in 1601, his supporters paid for a performance of a play about Richard II"(World Book).

My Ideas:

This play must have been so good to get the Queen to GO to it instead of it come to her. Or the Queen was being Humble to Shakespeare showing him that his plays were worth high entertainment. Why did he decide to do lots of his plays on Kings or Queens? why not, again, family members or friends?

Shakespeare's late life 2


"King Richard II settles a dispute between his cousin Henry Bolingbroke and Thomas Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk, by exiling them both from England. After the death of Bolingbroke's father, John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, Richard seizes the old duke's property. Bolingbroke returns to England while Richard is away. Richard returns to find that Bolingbroke is leading a force of nobles who are discontented with Richard's rule."(World Book)

My Ideas:

This story revolves a lot around family trouble and no trust. My guess is he wrote this around the time that he and his wife split and he thought she would come for him. He wrote this like he was King Richard and she was Boilingbroke. the name signifies it to Boiling Broke. His wife must not have been left with much money.

Shakespeare's late life 3


Antony and Cleopatra explores the love affair between two of the greatest figures of the ancient world, Cleopatra, queen of Egypt, and the Roman soldier and political leader Mark Antony. The play is mostly based on a translation by the English writer Sir Thomas North of Lives, by the ancient Greek biographer Plutarch.

My Ideas:

Shakespeare turned history into an art. He made old history new again by creating a play out of something everybody knew. Because everybody knew the history, they could expect the end of the story but Shakespeare put his own art to it. He made his version of history and that is what the people liked.

Middle Life/teen years


"The house where Shakespeare probably was born has been kept as a memorial. It is always open to visitors. At Shottery, 1 mile (1.6 kilometers) west of Stratford, is the thatch-roofed cottage that was the home of Anne Hathaway, Shakespeare's wife."(Mounfield).

My Ideas:

I already knew that shakespeare had a wife but I did not know that he lived a mile from her. Back then, a mile was a far distance, It must have been hard to travel to her house without a horse. Anne Hathaway did not have a job.

Middle life/teen years 2


"Henry V is a five-act historical play by the English dramatist William Shakespeare. Its full title is King Henry V . It was written and performed in 1599, possibly the first Shakespeare play staged at the Globe Theater, owned by Shakespeare and his acting company, in the Southwark borough of London."(Seidel)

My Ideas:

I knew the Globe theater housed many Shakespeare plays but I have never heard of King Henry V. I wonder why did Shakespeare make his very first play about the King and not his wife or someone close to him?

Middle life/teen years 3


" the comic interludes within the English military camp, and a chorus (a part read by one actor) detailing some of Shakespeare’s most significant comments on how the workings of imagination allow a small stage to reflect a vast historical story. An unusual feature of the play is the large blocks of dialogue spoken in French, a language and a culture often mocked by the lesser comic characters in the play."(Seidel)

My Ideas:

Why did he still chose to put some parts in French? the language was looked down upon but yet he still put it in? Maybe it was for drama or the actor spoke french and he wanted to use the actor to the best of his ability.

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