Music Therapy Student Association CAS Highlights

Music Therapy Student Association (MTSA) is a student organization dedicated to learning about, practicing, and enjoying music therapy. Music therapy is a health profession that uses music to accomplish non-musical goals with clients through a therapeutic relationship. Everyone is welcome to join this organization. It is made up of both majors and non-majors who all share some sort of passion or interest in the therapeutic use of music. MTSA has monthly outings and performances bringing their members together.

Interviewing Rachel Neve and Oliva Bowyer they both talked about some of their favorite moments with MTSA. “My favorite part of MTSA is the music experiences we do at every meeting. A favorite experience of mine is improvisation, basically jamming with all the random instruments we have in our Music Therapy Center, which is always a blast.” said Rachel, the President of MTSA. “My favorite memories of MTSA have to do with the different monthly outings we’ve gone on. One that really stuck out to me was when we all chipped in to rent out a karaoke room and a bunch of us danced and sang all night.” said Oliva, the Secretary.

“I want to let our student body know that it’s never too late to check out a student organization that has to do with something out of your comfort zone. We love having members in MTSA that are completely involved in a different world academically speaking.” Oliva said.

Facebook group "EMU Music Therapy Student Association" https://www.facebook.com/groups/499339336895419/?ref=bookmarks

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