Trip to Sweden March 2016

a chance to travel
plane tickets + airports = excitement
Carl surprised me with his Christmas gift: an application for a passport!

Step back to December 2015, Christmas ...

Carl always makes sure that we open the "big" present from him last. My "big" present was actually a quite small, very light package ...

Inside the present was a folded paper, something printed out from the computer, it seemed. It took me a few seconds to read it and realize it was an application for a passport!

Carl was sending me on Justine's trip to Sweden!

Destination: Uppsala, Sweden, home of kaleigh carter and andres ---------

One minute we're here in sunny California, loading up our luggage in a swanky rental car ...

Next minute, we're bundled up and starting one of many walks around the towns of Sweden!

Kaleigh and Andres live in a truly quaint little town just a bit out of Stockholm.
They were wonderfully welcoming to me!


Justine & Kaleigh have a special friendship that began their in the dorms their freshman year at San Jose State University.
Mommy-daughter time at its best.
The city is built around a hill and fortifications that protected the city in former days.
Easter in Sweden involves decorating with brightly colored feathers!

the swedish aesthetic:

A simple color palette and clean, classy lines ...

enjoying the night life


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