Elephants are more happy and live longer in the wild. They live in packs with there families. They also get to collect their own food. Along with getting their own food they're free to get anything they need.
Sadly humans take them from their natural habitats. This is because they use elephants for entertainment. They starve them and them bribe them with food to do tricks. If these tricks are not preformed correctly the elephants are beaten.
Slowly as the elephants get older the "owners" no longer need them. The humans start to distance themselves from the elephants. The humans leave them with no food,water, or shelter.
The elephants are not taken back to their original home instead they are just dumped where ever the humans can leave them. Without help from other elephants this lone elephant will die. Even if the elephant was dumped with other elephants since the animal is not taken back to a place it knows it will starve.
Everything seems foreign and dark to the elephant. Since the animal doesn't know the land the environment must seem very scary. If humans don't stop and realize how badly they are effecting elephants then we will no longer have them.
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sheyanne gray


Created with images by shankar s. - "Elephant herd"

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