HAOHAI DONG: Eliminate the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) from Human Society

Translator: 游戏小哥



Ms. Zhaoying Ye, former badminton world champion of Communist China, and the former nation soccer player Haidong Hao were interviewed by Luther after the ceremony of the New Federal State of China on 4th of June

Luther: How did you get involved in the whistleblower movement?

Ms. Ye: Haidong was stuck to his cell phone listening to the whistleblower movement channel every time he visited Spain. I joined him and started listening. That’s how I gradually get to know Mr. Guo and what the movement is about. Haidong and I have been talking about this for a while and I support him. That’s why we decided to support the movement and Mr. Guo publically.

Luther: Mr. Hao. You know the CCP system very well. Do you think Mr. Guo is exaggerating? Could he possibly be a liar?

Hao: That is exactly why I believe in the movement. I do believe him and what he said made total sense. I joined the military system at the age of 10 and was a CCP member. I recall how the party secretary of the 81 team (August 1st, the military team) sounds so righteous when he gave the big speeches. Yet when it was time for him to turn in that housing unit he shouldn’t have occupied, he refused to do it.

The coach told me one day when I turned 18 years old:”Haidong, you are elected the Communist Youth League Member of the Year.” I said:”I am not even a member of the League.” He said:”Is that so? Well, we will make you a party member now.” So they pre-qualified me for the party membership in the following meeting and made me a CCP member later.

After I transferred to the Wanda team, I stopped paying the annual fees to the CCP for years. You can see that the loyalty or the faith to the party is not as sacred as they made it to be. There is no sincerity at all. Joining the party is just a tool to move to higher and higher place in the ladder of the power structure.

I met Dalian mayor Bo Xilai when I moved the city team Wanda. He was very interested in soccer because it opens a lot of doors to increase the city’s reputation. I was never short of opportunities to take advantage of the connections I had. But it is important to me there are lines I won’t cross. Once Wang Lijun invited me for dinner in Chongqing and I was greeted by the deputy party secretary of the city police. He was only a police station chief in Dalian before, and he got promoted by Wang Lijun. How many levels of promotion is that?

That man updated Wang Lijun about a robber suspect they just arrested. Wang asked:”Did you kill him?” he said:”No.” I asked Wang what’s going on. He said:”An arrested robber will cost more than a killed one.” It sounded to me he has no regard for human life at all. Rule of law doesn’t mean anything to them.

That’s why I believe what Miles has said. I was in that system and knew those big shots. Including Xu CaiHou, he was the assistant of 81 team political chief Yu YongBo. Later Xu became the chairman of the Central Military Commision.

Yu ZhengSheng was the mayor of QingDao when I moved there. They sold my father a house at a low price just over 10K RMB. They were very nice to me. I didn’t oppose them for what they did to me. I am against the system. This system tramples the people, their future, and even human civilization.

If I compromise myself, it will be easier to make money. In 1996 and 1997, I earned three to five million CNY a year. There will be plenty of opportunities.

I always feel uncomfortable about how CCP insulted our profession. Many of us, including our coaches, have been gradually brought to the dark side. Let me tell you about Xu GenBao. All our award money went to him when we did well. Then he would ask us to pick our personal share from him without any signatures or records. So no one knows how much money he kept for himself.

I always let everyone know how I divide the prize money. Key players, backup players, coaches, they all have different shares. But Xu is different. Say the purse is 10K RMB, he would take away 5K. Where did this 5K go? Whom did he hand the rest of the money to? He’s been like this since 1988.

Around 1991, we played the International Invitational Tournament in Shanghai. I remember that we won a prize of between $5000 to $10,000. However, Xu Genbao's told us that the prize money was donated to the disaster area in the next day meeting. The country was flooding at that time.

Xu claimed he donated all the prize money from 5 winning games to the disaster relief. Whom did he give the money to? Why not let the players donate personally? Where are the receipt of his donation? Things like this, in addition to their overreaching management such as when to take a hair cut, taking away our cell phones and antennae, are all despicably violating our rights.

I think this is a violation to soccer, our profession. This sport requires talent and improvisation which depends heavily on individualism. Certainly soccer is teamwork, it still takes unique and talented players in the collective. It's impossible for everyone to become guards like Cassidias nor attacker like Messi.

But in our system, you are not allowed to have your personality. I have a personality and I doubt the Chinese Soccer Association, the General Administration of Sport of China, the coach, and the slogans at the party meetings.

For example, we had a preparatory meeting before the evening tournament. It started with the speech of directors and deputy directors of the provincial sports bureaus, then the chairman of the football association and the team leader. By the time the head coach finally spoke, an hour had passed. How ridiculous was that? They stepped on our profession and our individualism and they say it’s for our own good.

I started to read a lot since I was young. The accumulated knowledge equipped me with independent thinking. I do not want to be one of the herd that just follows the order. If I can’t play soccer well, it’s my problem. But they should not take away my own rights. They micromanage everything: the length of our hair and body tattoos!

They tried to control our thoughts with a bunch of mumble jumbles. They want everyone to fit in one mold like a production line. That is why I am here today. I want to say NO to this system.

I believe that the people of China and their future shall no longer be violated by the CCP. Being an athlete, a participating player in the Chinese Soccer Association which has been heavily criticized, I am speaking from the bottom of my heart: the CCP system needs to be eliminated from the world. It is time to excorcize the Specter of Communism once and for all.

This is my conclusion for the first 50 years of my life and the state of the society.

Edited by:【Himalaya Hawk Squad】