Winterfest 2020 brings joy through new events Photos and story by brianna neuhouser

Pajama Day

"I love pajama day because you're able to be cozy and comfortable at school."

- Rachel Kelsey -

Many students found joy in the third floor photo booth that was found at the end of the hall, near the third floor office.

Twin Day

"It's my last year of high school and the only year I get to spend with my little brother, so I wanted to make the most of it."

- Stormm Byers -

"We wanted to do twin day because she is my host sister for this year, and we have similar clothes."

- Maria Teresa Suarez Bravo -

"Is this me standing with future self? I sure hope I can be half as good as this guy eventually!"

- Justin Olsen -

Sweater Day

I feel it makes most of the school population have something in common even if it’s only for a week. It’s always a 'great day to be a Husky' but it’s even greater when we are physically showing our love and appreciation of being called Huskies everyday!

- Dra'Noscha Jett -

College Day

Sophomore Gavin Bartlam, wearing U of M, dunks on sophomore Jack Brown, repping WMU, in the third floor photo booth on college day.

Pink/Purple Out

"All in all, I thought it was pretty fun to just see everyone dressed up and happy, even though I didn’t really participate in it." - Levi Tucker -

Student vs Staff Basketball Game

From left to right, senior Cory Cunningham, who started for the student team, wears a Kobe Bryant jersey, representing an icon just days after the superstar's death. English teacher and long time basketball coach Ben Neal waits for his name to be called to start for the staff team. New teacher and Student Senate adviser Joe Wood calls the beginning of the second half, after the introductions of the Winter Fest court.

The Winter Fest Court

Trinity Barnick and Nolan McCarthy

Melissa McKenzie and Graham Holley

Haley Jackson and Stormm Byers

Riley Shoemaker and Andre Walker

The Game

The Huskie Varsity Men's basketball team went head to head with Niles, at home, coming out the other side with a win of 57-42. Seniors Kareem Williams and Jeff Wilson scored 15 and 13 points respectively, two of the top scorers of the night.

And your Winter Fest King and Queen are...

Andre Walker and Haley Jackson