How to kill a Mockingbird option 1 by Kalysta koelling

The air-soft rifle was a stepping stone in Scouts life teaching her she doesn't know everything she think she does. When receiving the rifle Scout thought she knew everything about Atticus. In reality she was wrong she later did find out even though Atticus refused to teach her how to shoot her air-soft rifle he does know how to shoot and was also known for it.

The soap dolls were part of the bigger story in scouts childhood. During the childhood of Scout she had started receiving stuff in the knot of a tree. One of the many things she had gotten out of the tree was a pair of soap dolls. Later she had found out the stuff had come from "Boo" Radley she figures out she shouldn't judge a person by the way people talk about them.

The roly poly was a object that Jem used to teach Scout a lesson. One night Scout kept messing with a roly poly that was crawling on the floor when she went to go smash it Jem had stopped her. Jem had taught her if something is not bothering or hurting you there is no need to kill or bother it.

The Mobile Press newspaper is a big part of Scouts story. This newspaper helped Scout learn to read also kept her and Atticus close. Every night Atticus would read to Scout the Mobile Press and would help her learn and understand what is happening in the time.

When Scout had gotten her baton it showed her how anger could over come a person. When Jem had lost his head and took her baton and destroyed all of Mrs. Dubose camellias. Scout realized you can make a person so mad that they will do anything to hurt another person in a way.

Fishing was a huge part of my life when growing up. Fishing with my grandfather came with a huge lesson and the lesson was patience. Before I had began fishing I was a very angry kid and would throw fits if I didn't get something but after I started fishing I was more calm and I learned to wait for things to come instead of pushing people to do it.

Pit-bulls were probably one of my biggest stepping stones in my life growing up. I would always hear people say Pit-bulls are only vicious and can't be pets. I never understood how people could say that because I grew up around pit-bulls and they are the most gentle creature I ever met. Pit-bulls showed me that people will say things about something even if they have no experience.

It may sound funny but jeans taught me its okay to be different. Growing up a girl I was always told by my grandmother that I should more of a girl and that it isn't proper for a girl to wear jeans and all girls should wear dresses. Well I learned it was alright to be different then what people want of you or of what they think you should be like.

Art is always teaching me new lessons that I thought I knew but really I didn't. Art taught me that if one way doesn't work try again in a different way. It also taught me you don't have to be perfect to be amazing you just have to be yourself.

Books is also a huge stepping stone in my past, present, and future. Books are always teaching me new lessons with every new character. Books taught me with every problem there is a solution and with every obstacle you can over come it.


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