Introduction to the Sport Industry The growth, expansion and influence of the sport and leisure industry

A number of key factors have helped the growth and development of the sport and leisure industry. These include; increases in disposable income, improved mobility, government initiatives, changing fashions and trends, sporting success, the media, improved choices and being better educated.

A major development within the sport and leisure industry came from the introduction of the National Lottery in 1994.

You should research into the UK's National Lottery, exploring how and why this organisation supports the Sport and Leisure Industry. You should explore the significance and impact the National Lottery has had on the growth and development of the sport and leisure industry.

You should then think about a facility known to you that has received lottery funding. How much funding did they receive and how did they use this? If you have time you should explore the advantages of the UK's National Lottery along with the disadvantages.

You should place your findings on the forum under week 2 on the learnzone page.


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