From Practice to Pro Something is brewing in Houston, Texas

Meet Ryan DeLaRosa, Owner and Head Brewer of the Flying Rhino Brewery. Slated to open in 2018, The Flying Rhino Brewery will be the first brewery in the League City area. Until then, DeLaRosa works tirelessly to ensure that he will have what it takes to be master brewer and businessman.
Touring DeLaRosa's home, you'd think he was conducting science experiments in his kitchen, and you'd be right. Giant metal canisters line his walls and bulk supplies clutter the counters.
From a specialized heated vat, Ryan DeLaRosa pours a sample of his latest creation, a yet-to-be-named American Pale Ale. Though it's a small batch, a brew like this takes days to complete.

He then takes a "gravity reading" of his brew. By using a special buoy-like mechanism, DeLaRosa is able to determine the density of the liquid, which then confirms whether or not the fermentation process is working correctly.

A proper gravity reading will determine many things about a brew, including taste, carbonation, and perhaps most importantly, alcohol level.

Of course, every good brewer needs a right-hand man, or dog. Ratchet, Ryan's best friend of nine years, watches over the process and provides valuable moral support.
With a successful gravity reading and the approval of Ratchet, DeLaRosa tries his latest creation. "Needs a bit more time for carbonation, but other than that it's a winner" he says.
DeLaRosa is eager to get his brewery up and off the ground. He's got the capital and the skill, and now he is just waiting for the proper municipal approval.

Flying Rhino Brewery is just getting off the ground, but for now you can find them on Twitter at @FlyingRhinoBrew

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