Project mapping show a Spy story in the time of Frederick II

Once upon a time there was an emperor

who was at odds with the views of the Pope....

Lagopesole castle at night, a spy sneacks in the court

disguised as a falcon hunter

sending his reports every night to Rome.

The guards discovered the carrier pigeons, an arrow stops them every night

The poor spy, Gotfred was his name, loyal to the Pope and unsuspecting .......

.....continues to seek and investigate the misdeeds of Frederick

It is a sacrilege, Holy Father, he wrote, Frederick tries to understand and not to believe

Muslims are teachers and scholars! He wants to live in peace with the antichrist...

... so he revived a school of medicine based on proof and study not on the Scriptures!

He reads love poems, not Gospels and prayers...

He says the emperor must lead the people, the Pope shall lead only the souls

He embraced the theories of an Arab who changed the figures of numbers.

One night, Gotfred found his pigeon pierced, he realized he is in danger

He has been always faithful to his religion and his Pope

Every escape is guarded

He decided to jump the battlements into the space hoping to fly

He trained birds all his life, may be he succeeds...

No one knows how it ended, and even if the story is true or not...

historians can investigate about him....

but if this story has been invented....

it doesn't matter....

Created By
Aldo Di Russo


By Unicity

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