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Above: Mamaroneck School District's 35th Annual Thanksgiving Feast, hosted by Hommocks Middle School Student Council. Our students warmly welcomed, served and entertained about 150 seniors from the community

Food for Thought:

Waste Free Wednesdays -- with students carrying reusable containers for snack and lunchtime -- are just one of the ways our school community is emphasizing the importance of reducing wasted food.

November, 2019

District Highlights

  • BOE Meeting Spotlights Sustainability Initiatives Across the District
  • MUFSD Partners with Municipalities on Three-Year Love Your Food Grant to Reduce Wasted Food
  • Thanksgiving Feast for Seniors Hosted by Hommocks Students Goes Green
  • Data Presentation Provides Community with Student Performance Highlights
  • Holiday Drives Aim to Bring Cheer to District Families in Need
  • Collaborative Design Lab Students Present Ideas in Shark Tank Style
  • MHS Podcasting Class Tells Stories Using Hindenburg Audio Editing Software
  • 2019 MHS Athletics Hall of Fame Members Inducted

District Focuses on Sustainability Across the System

A presentation at the Nov. 19th Board of Education meeting highlighted the many things the Mamaroneck School District is doing to focus on sustainability across the system, from sorting and recycling in school cafeterias and composting beginning at the elementary school, to extensive food education at Hommocks Middle School (revolving around a Garden-to-Classroom-to-Compost-to-Soil model of teaching and including a course developed in conjunction with the Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture), and a food recovery and sharing program with our neighbors in Port Chester. Stay tuned for more on that next month. Additionally, as Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Annie Ward and Hommocks Consumer Science Teacher Taryn Delaney reported, sustainability curriculum tie-ins are being integrated in subjects such as science, math and culinary arts.

Top Photo: Nov. 19 Board meeting focuses on District sustainability initiatives. Bottom : MAS Green Tigers presented Superintendent Robert Shaps with his own reusable bag made from recycled t-shirts.
Sustainability initiatives tied to curriculum are being integrated in varied ways into numerous subject areas, including science, math, and culinary arts.
The Board of Education is currently reviewing a draft MUFSD Sustainability Statement of Purpose and a set of guiding principles the District will use to direct its work.

"Love Your Food" Partnership with Municipalities Aligned with District Sustainability Initiatives

The Mamaroneck School District is proud to partner with the local municipalities on a three-year "Love Your Food" grant to reduce wasted food. Eat. Share. Compost the Rest is the campaign's slogan, and the District's emphasis is on the sharing and composting portions of this theme. The District has been operating a food recovery and sharing program, where uneaten food left in cafeterias is collected and distributed to community organizations in Port Chester.

"It's important to reduce waste in the first place as an alternative to composting." - Taryn Delaney
"There is tremendous power and opportunity in local action. Kids can effect change in their own school communities and homes." - Annie Ward
The Love Your Food grant kicked off at the Larchmont Farmers Market Nov. 16. The Mamaroneck School District is proud to partner with the Town of Mamaroneck and Villages of Larchmont & Mamaroneck on this exciting NY State-funded initiative to reduce wasted food.

Hommocks Student Council Hosts First-Ever "Green" Thanksgiving for 150 Seniors

This year marks the 35th annual Thanksgiving luncheon hosted by Hommocks Middle School Student Council for senior citizens in the Larchmont - Mamaroneck community. Seniors arrived at Hommocks by bus and were eagerly escorted inside by awaiting students. The Hommocks Jazz Band played while guests piled in. Student Council members coordinated with the Green Tigers to make this the first-ever "green" Thanksgiving event and guided the guests on proper sorting into bins for trash, recycling and composting. Special thanks to Hommocks teachers Andy Scopp and Justine Pesce for working with the students to orchestrate this fabulous event.

Hommocks Student Council members escorted seniors from their buses.

About 150 seniors from the community came for the 35th annual Thanksgiving luncheon.

The Hommocks Jazz Band played throughout lunch.

Students enthusiastically took down any special notes regarding lunch orders.

Luncheon guests enjoyed hearing about all that goes on at the middle school!

Lots of smiles...

Good Times...

And laughs...(Above: Sophie with her grandparents)

A job well done

Excellent food enjoyed by All

And thought put in by the Green Tigers to ensure that proper sorting took place in recycling and composting bins

After the meal was served and it was clear everybody was enjoying themselves, Hommocks teachers Andy Scopp and Justine Pesce finally had a chance to relax and visit with guests. Happy Thanksgiving to all of our community members!

Comprehensive Student Performance Data Unveiled in 2019-2020 MUFSD Data Dashboard

In case you missed it: The 2019-2020 Data Dashboard was presented at a Board of Education Study Session earlier this month. The Dashboard -- which provides comprehensive information on student performance outcomes for reading proficiency, State Assessments, Regents Exams, and AP Exams, as well as student enrollment trends, including the District poverty rate -- can be found on the District website under District at the top, then "About Us".

The full Data Dashboard can be found here

Help Bring Holiday Cheer to District Families in Need

The Social Work Department is trying to spread some holiday cheer to our Mamaroneck School District families in need. Two ways you can help: 1) Provide gifts in the form of gifts and gift cards in $25 increments by dropping w/your school's social worker. 2) Donate new scarves, hats, gloves and socks for all ages (drop-off at each school's main entrance).

Collaborative Design Lab Students Present MHS Improvement Ideas in Shark Tank Style

Interdisciplinary teams of students (from engineering, computer science and design) working together to solve human-centered design problems through MHS’s Collaborative Design Lab (CDL) program presented their ideas in Shark Tank style to Principal Elizabeth Clain and District Director of Facilities Steve Brugge. The student interactive installation concepts proposed for some of the high school’s common spaces ranged from a scanning system to monitor student attendance to a mindfulness art installation and were aimed at meeting the needs of MHS students either in an aesthetic or functional way. CDL is an innovative design program -- rare at the high school level -- that requires students to have taken two years of either Engineering, Computer Science or Design Studio. The course combines all of the above disciplines and simulates an operational consulting firm.

Collaborative Design Lab students present their design solutions to Principal Clain and Mr. Brugge
Principal Clain and Mr. Brugge give students feedback on their proposed ideas. Ms. Clain's questions and feedback related to the betterment of the school; Mr. Brugge focused on the feasibility of proposed concepts from an engineering/facilities perspective.

MHS Podcasting Class Tells Stories Using Hindenburg Audio Editing Software

Journalism students in Mr. Madin's class are using Hindenburg audio editing software for their podcast productions resulting from interviews with Mamaroneck High School staff members. At the same time, they are creating podcasts based on a press conference they held recently with Principal Elizabeth Clain. All this in preparation for their upcoming trip to cover the New Hampshire 2020 Presidential Primary this February.

Journalism students work in teams with designated producers to create podcasts. More photos here.

2019 MHS Athletics Hall of Fame Members Inducted

Congratulations to all of our newly-inducted Mamaroneck High School Athletics Hall of Famers! Once a tiger, always a tiger. A special breakfast was held this month in their honor.

Enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday Everyone!