How Job Losses Affect Canadian Families Canada is facing a struggling economy, with nearly 31,200 jobs taken from Canadians in the year 2016, according to The Globe and Mail.

by Devon Collins

A college student, Ben (who wishes to remain anonymous), shares how job losses in Canada have affected his family.

"When I was in highschool my dad was let go from his job. This affected the dynamic of my home life and my school life. I don't think that a lot of people understand that when someone with responsibility is let go from their job, that more than just one person is affected", said Ben.

According to the Maternal and Child Health Bureau, children who's parents are cut back on work are impacted more negatively than children who's parents made the decision themselves to stop working.

Ben expressed that many people in his family have suffered the consequences of being laid off of work. He does not understand why the problem of job loss in Canada is not being addressed.

"My dad became depressed and everyone felt the implications. The hardest thing in the world is seeing the strongest person you know just give up", he shared.

The Health Line said that depression after job loss is a commonality amongst Canadians.

Ben is not the only student who is feeling the pressures of job cuts in Canada. The link below provides perspectives of other teens who have been left jobless.

"Since Justin Trudeau became the prime minister, he has not created jobs. In fact, I'm pretty sure that the percentage of people who were laid off went up since he was elected" he said.

Trudeau promised to create jobs for young people. Since Trudeau has been in office, job loss has increased by 28,000 people, according to Statistics Canada.

"I think that more jobs should be made for Canadians. You know, it's not fair that people work their entire lives in a field that they love and get laid off because the economy is low", Ben said.

Ben said that the company his father was let go from promised to contact him when another opportunity arose. He said that it has been almost a year since then.

Institute ICP tweets about how those cut from their jobs should be provided accommodation due to government innovation.

"I think that the issue of job loss has affected more people than any of us know. There's kind of a stigma around it where we feel embarassed that this has happened to people we love", He added.

The province of Alberta is facing a raise in suicide rates due to job cuts in the oil industry, according to the video below.

Ben feels that this problem is too big to ignore. He says that people should not cary a sense of shame over something that they can not control.

"One of my biggest fears is that I will end up like my dad. It is hard because all of this happened when I was about to apply for college. It obviously had an affect on the financial support in my house, but it also in turn affected my confidence and determination to get into the schools I applied for", he shares.

He said he worries that when he goes to apply for a job, that there will not be any positions available. He hopes that more jobs will be created by the Canadian government before then.

You can find more information on Canadian job loss and ways to manage the stress it brings in the link below.


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