Tour of the Harn By: Phillip JOnes

I personally enjoyed the David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing, because of its design and inclusion of the garden. The garden was a great addition to the exhibit as it showed another aspect of the culture. Aside from the garden, the central pieces were highlighted by the natural light from the glass wall. The overall presentation of the area created a warm feeling which created a new perspective towards the art.

This untitled piece by Amelia Peleaz stood out to me because of its technique and use of colors. The abstract techniques used were by far my favorite techniques in the museum, and this piece demonstrated this technique. In this piece the abstract methodology conveys a deeper meaning behind the work. The colors of the work give a happy tone to the piece and portray the attitude of the artist as she painted this. The design and tone of this piece created a sense of joy.

I used this painting by Leon Kroll titled St. Jean's Bay, to represent the good life because it reminded me of Thoraeu's Walden. Similar to Walden, this painting shows people enjoying nature. The piece showed people celebrating nature and sharing it with those around them. The relaxed mood of the piece reminds me that the good life is individualistic and is not the same for everyone. In this way the piece reminded me of what the good life is and how it is celebrated.

This piece stood out to me, as it appealed to my sense of competition. One of my core value is being competitive, which i see in this piece. Competition has always been a driving force in my life, as I always want to better myself. Through competition, I am able to improve aspects of my life. This piece reminded me of my core values and why i need them to better myself in the future.

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