My life story with dogs

Hi my name is Ashlee,my first dog was fun to get. Me and my family wanted to have a dog. So we went to a shelter and got our dog! We named her Daisy why because when we got her she had a outfit with Daisy's on it.


The first days were fun. Later we found out that she did not like someone messing with her food,my sister Sarah she fixed that problem in a few days crazy right. We got Daisy when she was a puppy a long time ago so I'm going to tell more recently stuff about her.

In 2015 me and my family noticed that Daisy was having trouble walking on one of her legs. After a while we took her to the doctor,in her knee their was something wrong. And they said she needed surgery,we were scared that we would not have enough money. So we thought we could just get the surgery and pay piece by piece every month. We set up a fund raiser that helped a lot, and my parents payed too. I was happy to see her after the surgery!

THE NEW DOG Long time ago in 2010 we got Angel


When Daisy and Angel met,they did not like it at first but after a while they starting liking each other. Them two are like the best of friends. Every night Sleep with Angel. When we bring the dogs on a car ride and one of us leave the car they will freak out it's funny:). And when I get home from school Daisy and Angel are soo happy to see me!

If you get to the end of my story thanks for reading


If your thinking of getting dogs or cats you should go get some at your local shelter! :)

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Ashlee Wade


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