reef This is my presentation

Chad Kennedy is my real name. My friends call me Reef, I am hear to do a speech on how I got here. I was pissed of so I threw a rock at the high way and it hit the green Subaru, it hit the car next to it then flew into the in coming traffic and nearly killed the driver Leeza.

Grean subaru

now Leaza is in a rehab center recovering from the crash. and my punishment is to join 4 activities, live at a group home, hellp at the rehab, if I brake any of them I go to Jall, and to come to schools and do this presentation about what I have dun.

the one that changed me was Colville. he made me the responsibilities in life, and the importance of caring about choices in life.

I grew up with my grandparents and my grandma gave me a coral rock, we went around collecting rocks. Then I got sent to a foster family.

I don't no what i was thinking when i threw the rock, I hope that all of you make a good decision.



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