Newton's Laws of Motion By Christian Guerra & Kyle Kirshen

Newton's First Law

An object in motion will stay in motion and an object in rest will stay in rest unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

This arrow will stay flying at a constant velocity. This will happen until it's acted upon by an unbalanced force which would be the target.

The video above represents Newton's first law of motion. The pencil flies through the air at a constant speed and velocity towards the balloon. The pencil hitting the balloon represents the unbalanced force. The pencil wants to stay in motion and does as it hits the balloon, but it is stopped and flung in a different direction.

Newton's Second Law

The force of an object is equal to it's acceleration multiplied by it's mass.

Due to the incredibly heavy weight of the airplane and an acceleration of 9.8 m/s/s, in order to pull the plane the man must use a giant force.

In this video, two balls are rolled. The tennis ball does not need as much of a force as is required for the soccer ball. This is because tennis ball has less mass and is able to accelerate much faster. While, the soccer ball needs more force to make it go the same distance as it has more mas and accelerates at a slower rate. The tennis ball would be able to go much faster if it was done on a solid surface and not carpet because there was MUCH more friction. Acceleration can also be shown. It is A=F/M, and because off this statement it is proven that the tennis ball will accelerate at a faster rate than the soccer ball.

Newton's Third Law

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

When you go for a ride in a row boat you exert a force in one direction causing the row boat to sail though the water in the opposite direction.

Pushing Kyle against a locker is a great example of Newton's Third Law! The action in this example would be well, Kyle being pushed towards the locker. The opposite and equal reaction would be the locker pushing back at Kyle. You can see this as he flies backwards off the locker.

Newton's Universal Law of Gravitation

The force of gravity acts between all objects in the universe.

A waterfall is caused by gravity. It pulls a river of water down a cliff or hill. This is caused because the water is attracted to the strong gravitational pull of the center of the Earth and it is close in distance.

The mass of the tennis ball is very little. This is a factor in why it fell down off the railing. The center of the Earth has an extremely large mass and has a larger force that can attract it. Also, the tennis ball is being dropped close to the Earth and there is little distance. If however the tennis ball was to be dropped away from Earth the ball would not go down.



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