Guns in America debated all over the country

Gun control is a topic that has been debated numerous times all across the world. The right to bare arms is engraved into the mold that is america . However, There aren't enough precautions taken before the sale of a gun and guns in the hands of just anyone can make a lot of people feel unsafe. I feel that the U.S. should have stricter laws on gun ownership.

There is not enough investigation that takes place before the selling of a gun. People feel that background checks and having to provide an address is an invasion of their privacy. Mind you, people provide the same information to buy a house or a car. Why? It's because they need those things. If someone feels that they really “need” a gun, then providing any information should not be an issue.

Just anyone being able to go purchase a gun can make a lot of people feel uneasy or unsafe. A great number of people own guns because of their concern for themselves and their family. Those same people should take into consideration that a lot of citizens have that same concern. That the fact that some psycho can just go buy a gun at his own will might make that concern a lot worse.

You could argue that stricter laws on gun ownership revoke the rights of citizens. I don't agree with that statement. No rights are being revoked. They are still there. These are just precautions taken to ensure the safety of our people. With these new laws being enforced you would still have the right to own a gun as long as you qualified. It's like applying for a house or a loan. You have the right to obtain those things , as long as you qualify.

In conclusion, the right to bare arms is something that should never be taken from the people of America. However, there are things that could be done to make us feel safer. There should be more thorough investigations on people's backgrounds. People should be ensured that these guns are in the hands of the right people. The U.S. should have stricter gun laws.

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