TC ISLAND Cruz L. Roper

What dangers do you see as a person stranded on this deserted island. Be specific and explain your answers.

wild animals starvation sickness weather rain

Ralph-fair hair, 12 years old, arrogant

Piggy-dark hair, glasses, stubborn

Jack-redheaded, leader of the choir

Simon- quiet, and loner

Sam and Eric-twins, litluns (page 19)

Roger- dark,and silent (page 22)


1)travel in 2+

2)Don't go out at night

3)share resources

4)clean up after yourself

5)communicate efectively

6)do your job

7)do not kill

survival is part of the island because they are struggling to survive.and the island represents the struggle to survive and them fearing something that may or may not be there.

Ralph says its a good island, but its not there at risk of death and going crazy because of the fear of the beast that may or may not be on the island.All they have to eat isfruit and if they to much of it they get diarrhea.


isolation:the island

goodness : simon

anonymity:painted faces


survival:the smoke

law and order:the conch

rescue:the smoke

civilization :

8.)the beast is long and snake like Percival calls them twisty thing.

9.)Sam and Eric should have been up tending to the fire then they could have seen the guy that fell down,But they didnt. That means that they were not taking shifts

10.)they haven't started the fire witch represents that they have given up hope. everyone but Ralph has given up. they don't care that they might be there the rest of there life.


Created with images by bob in swamp - "The Wilde Boars"

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