MAPS NEWSLETTER 12th June 2020

In case you missed it, here is a message that went out on My Child at School

You will have seen the news regarding George Floyd and the subsequent actions. We want to support this conversation in your homes and are sharing this explanation you can use with your children, as well as a bible story that may help with explaining the matter of equality.

You will have seen in the news, on May 25, 2020, George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man, died in Minneapolis, Minnesota, after white police officer Derek Chauvin caused his death by using excessive force to detain him – he was treated differently because of the colour of his skin. As young people you may find it strange to think someone could behave this way. But, sadly there is inequality. You may have heard of the revolutionary work of Martin Luther King and the bravery shown by Rosa Parks. However, these are not stand alone efforts and they could not ‘fix’ the issue. Still to this day there are many occasions where black people have been treated differently because of the colour of their skin – this is racism.

Treating people differently because of who they are or how they look is prejudice. Prejudice is where you ‘pre-judge’ someone and this will influence how you treat them or talk to them.

You will have seen many people taking part in peaceful protests to change this; you may have seen signs saying ‘Black Lives Matter’ and this is because right now, we know all lives matter, but it needs to be addressed by everyone that black lives matter and we need equality. We must ensure we show this in our daily actions, the way we speak, treat and act to one another. Now is the time to unite and to show love. It is the time to speak out and show the world that we know black lives matter.

Here is the story of Jonah that you may wish to share: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7i9sFx2MjI

This story talks about broken love and this is not what God wants. God wants people to show his love to everyone. Sometimes it can be really difficult to know what to say, what to do about it and how to help. The story of Jonah can help us to think about the broken love in the world right now.

Jonah chose to run away because he was scared but God looked after him and helped him. We don’t have to run away or hide from anything because God will look after us. Let’s be brave like Jonah was at the end of the story.

Kindest regards,

Miss J.D. Hives

DRET’s Got Musical Talent

The DRET Music primary Team recently hosted a DRET’s Got Musical Talent’ competition through the DRET Music Google Classrooms. All children across the Trust have access to these classrooms in which the Team put regular activities suitable for different ages. The aim is to give parents and teachers a break in the day; something children can get on with themselves and develop their musical skills and knowledge.

We are delighted to say that Max Davey from Year 1 at MAPS won, stunning the Music Team with his fabulous piano playing. The Music Team also say that Max’s performances have had more comments from other children than anything else in the Classrooms, mostly along the lines of “wowwwwwww!!”, with recognition that Max’s playing is musical and that he must have put some effort in.

14 other children from schools across the Trust received ‘Highly Commended’ for their singing and playing of different instruments and the Music Team enjoyed listening to them and all the other entrants. Keep up the great work everyone – every minute spent practising a musical skill is time well spent.

We hope that Max will be an inspiration to others to give something new a try... there are ideas in the DRET Music Google Classrooms and the DRET Music Team are always happy to help.

Many children have left their PE kits in school, if you see your child’s kit, please call the office and describe the kit to us so we can find it, once found we will call you and tell you to come to the drop off gates and call us when you are here so we can give it to you

Any kit that is not collected by Friday 26th June will be donated to the Air Ambulance

Mr Trotters class
Miss Kennedy’s class
Year 2
Year 2
Year 3
Year 3
Year 4
Year 4
Year 5
Year 5
from Mrs Marshall

Mrs Marshall - Northamptonshire Central Library have a library app called @BorrowBox. They have a great selection of children’s books to help children learn about respect, equality and celebrating each other’s diversity. Here are a few of the books you can enjoy https://www.northamptonshire.gov.uk/councilservices/library-service/e-reads-and-audio/Pages/e-books.aspx

Miss Brown - Great learning shared from Oliver K in Leopards - the task was to create your own 'unknown' animal for the MAPS zoo. What great presentation and detail in this piece of home-learning.

I would also like to say how incredibly proud the home-learning team are of all of the children who continue to log in every morning and complete their online learning tasks. The quality of their work is amazing and we are enjoying being able to celebrate this with them throughout the week. We hope more children remember to share their learning with us so we can recognise the efforts of everyone. Well done to each and every one of you for being our very own MAPS heroes

Mrs Brown - 'The Brown squad pod' have enjoyed a great week in school. We have found lots of fun ways to enjoy each other's company in these new times and some our favourite playtime games have been 'Cross the golden river' and playing football without using our hands to pick up the ball! We have loved the chance to see our friends and teachers and can't wait to see everyone else too!

Eleanor from Lions class has completed a great opening paragraph to her story. Her use of descriptive language really helps to draw in the reader and we can't wait to see the next exert to find out what happens next. Well done Eleanor we are very proud of your efforts

Mrs Brightman - Being apart of the home schooling team I have been so impressed with the children's participation and dedication to their learning. Keep up the good work everyone, you are doing a great job

Samantha-Naomi from Lions class has been working very hard at her Maths fluency and has been completed lots of work while home schooling. We wanted to say how proud we are of her efforts and dedication to classwork. Keep up the good work Samantha-Naomi and we look forward to seeing you soon

Miss Bailey - I absolutely loved Annabelle's entrance into our Year 5 nature photography competition. It looks really professional and truly captures the beauty of the lavender in her garden. She's also been busy baking shortbread and drawing our class animal, a penguin. So lovely to see such effort going into her creative learning. Well done Annabelle.

In Seals I was really impressed with Soraya's non-chronological report about the Maya civilization and the example of a Maya calendar that she made. Fantastic effort. Well done Soraya.

Claudio also captured a brilliant shot of a plant he thinks represents the image of the corona virus. His creative work was excellent and he clearly worked very hard. Great job Claudio.

In Mrs Smiths pod we have been making our own super vegetables to help save the trapped vegetables from the Evil Pea! Brisilda and Iris have done super work and labelled their super hero veggies to say why they are so super. We have had a lot of fun.

Brisilda is the super Aubergine and Iris’ is the super carrot. Great work.

This week in Year 1 there has been lots of lovely learning to look at for Miss McDonald and Mrs Marshall. In particular the new English learning, which is all about ‘The Giants Castle’, has encouraged the children to explore using similes and effective adjectives in their sentences. Leon from Hedgehogs produced two amazing pieces of writing which showed these techniques plus super neat handwriting. Fantastic Job Leon, your writing blew us away!

Another great week in school! In year 1, we have spent the week learning about different continents and created our very own fact files.

A huge well done to Ellis in Miss Barre's pod for his 'can-do' attitude. He has looked forward to completing any task he is set. We are loving his positivity and eagerness to learn!