Producer, DJ, and Multi-Instrumentalist

2020 Highlights

Over 1.5 Mil Music Streams on Spotify

Over 25,000 Followers between Social Media, Spotify, and SoundCloud

Welcomed as an official artist with Mint Talent Group (booking)

c h r o m a f u n k


Pure Colors is the alias of Joey Tuholski, a producer, DJ, and multi-instrumentalist.

He dove into the creative world at a young age, beginning with piano lessons when he was 8 years old. From there, he fully transitioned to the world of percussion and drums and was 1 of 6 selected into the Governor's Honors Program in the state of Georgia.

When he learned how to navigate a DAW in 2011, innovative possibilities were born. Since then, he's carved out a sound in the electronic funk realm, inspired by many styles of the past, but mainly disco, funk, jazz, and hip-hop. The end result is a genre-bending style deemed "chromafunk".

His major release in 2019 is his album, appropriately titled "Chromafunk". With a whopping 12 tracks and features from some of the most talented funk producers in the game, Chromafunk is now available everywhere. Collaborators include Flamingosis, Engelwood, and Guggenz.

Joey poured his heart and soul into creating an LP that can truly stand the test of time, for any audience. The album, which was a full year in the making, was uploaded to Qrates in the form of a crowdfunding campaign to be pressed to vinyl. The goal was 100. When the campaign finished, 162 / 100 vinyl records were ordered, from countries all around the world. The team decided to do a 2nd pressing of the album later, resulting in over 300 copies ordered total between the 2 pressings.

He has released 3 EP's to date, the first being "[ESC] Logic" in 2016, followed by "A Deeper Love" and "San Junipero" in 2018. According to raverrafting, "his music hits you with the smooth disco feels in the same neighborhood as GRiZ, but still with its own original spin”. "Pure Colors’ "Deeper Love", opts for a mellow, floating energy that is quick to catch the ear. Based off the strength of this latest original and Pure Colors’ ability to carve out his own niche in a crowded field, it’s no wonder the producer has received support from the likes of Pretty Lights" - Dancing Astronaut.

With support from The Pretty Lights Movement in the form of Sirius XM radio play and multiple label releases on prestigious platforms such as Sundae Sauuce, Joey is primed for a big 2020. He recently performed at Imagine Music Festival and makes his debut at Electric Forest this year.

He also thinks that since this is written in the third person, you will take him a little more seriously, but at the same time, hopes that you don't take him too seriously.

"Pure Colors is one to watch: a groovy energy and clever meld of live instrumentation and synthesized sound" - Dancing Astronaut

Featured Works

"Pure Colors takes the happiest notes of disco and funk to bring them together in one place" - Steph (Earmilk)
Played alongside these acts to name a few: Big Gigantic, Flamingosis, Late Night Radio, Modern Measure, Russ Liquid, Maddy O'Neal, Chris Karns, Boram Lee, and Sunsquabi Members in 2019 and 2020.