Never Fall Down By Robert Wollnick and Victor Wilding

Angka is the Khmer Rouge's idea of a god. They make the band members dance and sing and play in his name, all the work they do is for angka and everything is a blessing from angka.

Cambodia is a country is Asia. It's in the south eastern region sandwiched between Vietnam, Laos and Thailand.

The Khmer Rouge took over Cambodia and enslaved their people to work for their idea of god angka. They made prisoners wear black pajama like clothes so that they were easy to identify. The soldiers working for the Khmer Rouge were often children and were force into a life of killing for disobeying or even showing emotion to a death.

The killing fields in Cambodia were rolling small hills from so many holes dug and so many bodies buried. The Khmer Rouge added anyone to these fields for any disobedient act.

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