The Puppy By: Jesse Marin

Once there was a small puppy born in the rise of dawn, and her parents were a unicorn and a panther. One day her parents had gotten killed by the pound and Sky got MAD! She had released a furious wave of darkness that had turned all the pretty flowers and trees into ash in a heartbeat. She was shocked she saw everything pitch black around her. She walked away in fear and later then found a mirror. She was black with red eyes, and her color changes by emotion. When she is sad or mad she is black and red when she is happy she turns white and blue.

Her powers get triggered about her emotions or feelings. Every time she felt hatred and sadness her dark power would activate. She still had to figure out what the other side could do. She was walking around when suddenly she had found a town with many townsfolk working hard. She thought about going to the townsfolk to find herself a family, but when the people saw her they were afraid and got away from her.

She was trying her hardest not to get sad so that her evil power would activate. She later saw a little girl with walk up to her and grab her with joy. She started feeling happy and then a random rainbow lit the sky and all the dead plants became beautiful. She now knew what both her powers did. . “Are you sure you want the stray puppy?” Her mother asked. “Yes! She looks unique and amazing.” The little girl said. “Ok. Let’s take her home.” The mom said. After they got home they had fed her dog food and water. “Your name is going to be sky.” Said the little girl as she put on her collar saying “Sky” in blue letters and the address on the back.

It was getting dark outside so they had to go to sleep. The little girl had made the cat a little bed and tucked her in. “Good night Sky. Also, I forgot to tell you my name. It’s Layla.” She closed her eyes and went to sleep. When it was morning Sky had woken up to the screams of the townsfolk. Layla had woken up and grabbed sky, then she ran downstairs to see what was happening. They saw her mother outside and she ran towards her. “What’s happening?!” Layla shouted. “There has been a wildfire in the forest, and the firefighters can’t put it out so far.”

Sky hopped off and ran towards the wildfire. “No. Don’t go over there!” Layla shouted. Sky thought that if she could activate her holy power that the wildfire would stop and the trees and plants will be back to normal. She started thinking about how happy she has been ever since she met Layla. Then, in a flash the wildfire had stopped and all the plants and trees were beautiful. “Whoa! Did that puppy just put out that fire!? She is good luck” The townsfolk were shouting with confusion in their voice. “You did it.” Shouted Layla ‘I knew you were a good puppy” Layla started hugging Sky. “Nice puppy you got there.” a guy (Riley) says as he passes by with an animal control van. Sky looks at it and suddenly feels depression and anger. That van had the same symbol as the one that took away her parents.

Sky hopped out of her hands and into the forest running in fear. She starts thinking about how they violently they toke her parents into the van. “BOOM” a sudden explosion occurs into the forest. Sky knew it was her that caused the explosion. “Come over here you dangerous puppy. Get her!” said the animal control people. They had nets and tranquilizer darts. Sky started running faster than she ever had to reach Layla, but when she got out of the forest she was caught in the net. “She’s just a puppy leave her alone you meanies. I’m going to slap you a hundred times.” Layla started shouting as they put Sky in the van.

“I’m sorry.” said Sky. “Wait you can talk?!” Layla says in confusion. “Your crazier than I thought little girl she just barked.” said Riley . “Ok. Let’s take the puppy to the pound now.” says Riley.

“I will escape you boy named Riley!" said Sky "Stop Barking You Dumb Dog!" said Riley. "I'm not going to be nice anymore. I will trigger my evil power so you will get injured or even worst boy. Now let me out unless you want to be put into a cemetery." shouted Sky. "I said stop braking." Riley couldn't understand anything Sky was saying, but Layla could it was like a bond between owner and pet.

Once they arrived to the pound they had thrown her behind bars like if she were in jail. She looked around and saw big dogs way bigger than her shouting and trying to get free. "I'm Gonna Hurt You Pound People Once I Get Free" said a bulldog. They were animals so Sky could understand them. "Hey You." said a voice to Sky. "Who Me?" said Sky "Yes. I know how you can get out of here." said a Golden Retriever. "Really? How?!" said Sky. "Your small which means you can get through the bars." said the Golden Retriever "Ohhhh, but before i leave may you tell me your name?"

Created By
Jesse marin

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