Czeching In One year recap | Aaron & Julie Davis | Serving in Czech Republic

Back to the Czech Republic

This time last year we had wrapped up Itineration and were heading into the next grand adventure. We were praising God then for completing our budget (that is always a faith testing experience!) and we were packing, then boarding planes. Thank you again! Many of you that financially support our ministry make it possible for others to hear the Gospel.

We emphasize over and over again how missionary work is not about one person or family, but is a group effort of the whole church. Together, we allow God to use us and further His kingdom!

This year has been exciting...trying...and full of the unexpected. ...so just about everything you would expect in running after God with whole hearts! Here is a few of the past highlights!

Aaron and Julie, just settling into their missions house for the next few years.
Our first few weeks back were about getting settled. Top Left: The Leadership of the Czech movement welcoming us back to the Czech Republic in nearby Kolin. Bottom Left: our friend Marie helping us on registering with the Czech Government. Kofola: is the Czech equivalent of Coca-cola that I miss so much when we are Stateside. Prague is still Prague, and needs Jesus!

What do we do now?

Before we left we thought we knew the trajectory of ministry when we would arrive. Honestly and openly, we couldn't be more wrong (What else is new?!?). While some things eventually did go according to our expectations, we where reminded that ultimately we were not the authors of said plan, God was. Our hopes of jumping into a ministry aimed at the Roma community would have to be put on hold. This was both stressful and disappointing for a time. The situation we would arrive to is sensitive, and remains so. We made the decision early, that we would remain faithful to our calling, but patient in how God would move. We are glad, because He opened doors for ministry and has blessed our efforts. Over the next year we began the journey in planting an international church in the heart of Prague with close friends and colleague missionaries, Chris and Amy Hales. We know God has great things in store for Heart Prague International Church. We are especially excited for 2017, as we are launching children's ministry and hope to see youth, young adult and small groups to begin in the first half of the year.

Our hearts also remain broken for the most marginalized of people around us. We believe that one day, we will see these two intersect.
The very beginning of something great!
Seeing Heart Prague church in 2016 take shape has been exciting. God has sent people all over Prague, from all over the world to visit us. We have already seen him at work in peoples lives. 2017 and beyond, will be exciting to see!
Dominik and Aaron on Sunday

One quick testimony!

Dominik is one of several new believers who have given their heart to God. On his second visit to church, he ran to Aaron and asked to hug him. Aaron had preached that service and Dominik, while his English is well spoken, didn't have the vocabulary to describe what he was feeling. All he could say was that as Aaron spoke, he could feel it and his heart is now different. "It was like medicine for my heart." Dominik has made a public declaration that he is a follower of Jesus since, and can now be seen worshiping in church every Sunday. He grew up, never attending a church before Heart Prague. He came by a friend's invitation. His life is now different and he is following after God.

Our church website is linked below.

Our bundle of joy is on her way!

The other BIG new this year is still happening. Expected sometime in March (20th maybe???), Magnolia Joy Davis will arrive. We don't have room to write everything, but if your curious, visit Julie's blog to read our experience of undergoing IVF in a foreign land and how this new life is a miracle and an answer to our prayer! We have wanted a baby for nearly 8 years. We have experienced disappointment, frustration that would challenge our faith and resolve, but we have experienced our heavenly Father's faithfulness first hand. We have and will rejoice in our God!

A link to Julie's blog is below

Left: Our big IVF moment. Right: Two weeks later, we were celebrating!

Prayer requests:

  • We need to sell our car in the USA
  • Continued health for Maggie. Her arrival and Julie's delivery.
  • For Heart Prague to continue growth and wisdom for leaders as the ministry expands
  • Cost effective & strategically located building and resources for church outreach center
  • Spiritual breakthrough in people's lives that breaks bondages, depression, distractions Believers and non-Christians alike to have life-changing encounters with God.
  • New monthly supporters (link below if you have yet to make a faith commitment)

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