Into The Storm By: Avrey Richards

Little town of Paoli Indiana had a severe thunderstorm on Tuesday March 1, 2017 night through Wednesday March 2, 2017 morning. The warnings of the storm was severe flash flood, power outage, and tornado.The town suspected that all the damage was straight line winds. Thursday morning the weather services found out it was two small tornado (Ef/2) that touched the town of Paoli Indiana

The image above is from Lyndel's processing in Paoli Indiana
This is Christy Haley house As the storm only did a little damage to their house the back shed is where the most damaged occurred.

The two images below of the big tree that got uprooted and the car with the roofing of their neighbors house had happened on H-W 150. There was no damage to the car besides a few scratches. As The person living here she quickly got into action and cleaned up the mess.

The image below shows the roofing off of a building on H-W 150. the mess as all over the road and on peoples property and it even ended up on someones car. As you can see the image below the roofing on the tree and all over the ground and in the very back you can see a couple off pieces in the trees.

As of March 7th, 2017 people are coming together to hep the ones that have been hit. Almost everyone on H-W 150 trees are being cut and taken off and scratch from houses are being picked up.

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