The Magnificent Grolar Bear by the bear master himself



I see you everywhere

From the school

To the prison yard

From the past

To your presence in the future

I see you when I go outside

From the towering trees and their many leaves

To every little bug creeping along their bark

You have to be there

In all life

For one has to fight to survive

You are there right along with the need to breath

People scorn you while others welcome you

But you are still there


No matter what they think


All have you

Some more than others

And you help them

Or you do not

You are a key

To future success

And joy

Or a lock stopping you

From achieving goals

Or you are both

Unlocking yourself

As more of you

Is found

People want

The most of you

And they do not like

When others have more of you

Than they themselves have

So people are always seeking

And seeking

To find more of you

The Mirror

I see a mirror

That is not a mirror

Long gelled hair

I would not be caught dead with

A nice suit and shirt

That I don’t like

A bright pink tie

That I would only wear on wednesdays

A crooked nose

That does not belong to me

A mole

On another person’s face

Entirely different


At the same time

A mirror

We should have listened

To the first

And one of the best

And also one of the smartest

But we did not

He said

Not to party

Too mind our own business

But we did not

And still do not

We are split

Left and right

And are known throughout the world

Outside our borders

You would think we would listen

To one of our greatest heroes

But we did not

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