Central Alabama Performing Arts Guild

CAPAGuild is where our passion for the performing arts can come to play!

We do this by presenting a wide variety of music, theatre, and dance experiences to the public and inviting community participation as performers and audience members.

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CAPAGuild Literary Guild

Interested in Creative Writing? Join our new Literary Guild for writing workshops and to share your work and ideas with fellow writers!

Come join us as the Central Alabama Performing Arts Guild kicks off the new year with our new LITERARY GUILD! All ages are welcome to join us as we usher in a year filled with creative writing, poetry, short stories, authors, guest speakers, peer reviews and so much more. Bring a friend and enjoy meeting other creative minds. Most importantly, we cannot wait to hear YOUR ideas! Tell us what YOU want as we create this Guild and put our brainstorming powers to good use! Our kick-off party starts at 2:00 PM at the Chilton County Public Library on January 18, 2020. This event is FREE to the public. SEE YOU THERE!

Email or call 205-907-0008 for more information.

CAPAGuild Improv Comedy Games is your chance to learn the fundamentals of improvisational comedy and have a whole lot of fun! A free, all ages event on Saturday, January 18, 2020 at 7pm at the Clanton Public Library. Think “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” for beginners! 😃 We are pleased and excited to welcome Gabe Evans from the Birmingham Improv Theatre as host! He will do a quick one hour crash course in the basics of improv followed by time for improv games based around scene work as well as perhaps some long form played in the slacker style. Thanks, Gabe! 👍
Plans for 2020 also include our our annual Spring Radio Play, our annual Summer Stage Play, our annual Fall Puppet Play, and our annual Poetry Slam.

Central Alabama Performing Arts Guild

All Ages! All Stages!

The Central Alabama Performing Arts Guild is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the performing arts in our community. Our annual events have included a Radio Play, which is aired not only locally, but throughout the United States; a summertime Stage Production that includes a cast and crew of intergenerational participants; and a Jazz Festival unique to this area, featuring instrumentalists and vocalists both local and from across Central Alabama. CAPAGuild also recently hosted our first annual Puppet Play and our first annual Poetry Slam was on November 16th, 2019.

Vision Statement

The Central Alabama Performing Arts Guild exists to create and promote a varied and vibrant performing arts community in Central Alabama. Our goal is to provide performance opportunities in music, theater and dance to Central Alabama citizens of all ages and all stages of life. We inspire children and students by exposing them to a wide array of the performing arts and providing instruction and guidance in these forms of expression. We inspire adults by helping to create communities of performing artists who share their passions and enthusiasm for creative artistic endeavor. Through these efforts, we are creating a brighter future filled with new and expanding opportunities for local performance artists and their audiences.

Mission Statement

The Central Alabama Performing Arts Guild serves members of the community who wish to explore and share their gifts and talents through the performing arts. We do this by presenting a wide variety of music, theater and dance experiences to the public and inviting community participation as performers and audience members. We bring artists together to create mutual inspiration and encouragement. We bring communities together to share the appreciation of creative expression and acknowledge its contribution to overall quality of life.

CAPAGuild offers free workshops, rehearsals, and instructional lessons to participants in any of our events to help prepare any involved for performance readiness. We keep a busy calendar and are proud to afford creative expression opportunities to all in our community, young and old alike.

If you are interested in the performing arts – or are a patron of the arts – we would love to make your acquaintance and invite you to join us. Membership is free! As we continue to grow, we include new members and new ideas, creating new opportunities for the talents within our community. We would love to hear from you!

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In The Mood is a weekly 2 hour radio program produced and distributed by the Central Alabama Performing Arts Guild that showcases the Swing music of the Big Bands of the 1930's, 40's and 50's. The program airs on Saturday mornings from 8-10 AM and on Sunday evenings from 8-10 PM on 91.1 FM Jazz Hall Radio in Birmingham, the Broadcast Service of the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame, and its internet Live Stream found at jazzhall.com. In The Mood is also carried each Sunday afternoon from 3-5 PM on 90.7 FM WVAS in Montgomery - the 80,000 watt NPR station on the campus of Alabama State University - and its internet Live Stream at wvasfm.org, and in Clanton on 98.3 FM WSMX-LP licensed to the Chilton County Board of Education. Over the last four years In The Mood has brought together a national and international multi-generational audience of musicians, music educators, students and fans to appreciate and celebrate the American tradition of Big Band Swing. To learn more, please visit In The Mood on Facebook. Also check out the In the Mood Show Blog! Get Scott Michaels’ comments on the artists and songs featured on each week's show.

CAPAGuild Radio Plays

An archive of all our past Radio Plays is being added to our YouTube Channel. Please like and subscribe!

Recent Events

Nov 16, 2019 - Clanton Public Library

Winner of the 2019 CAPAGuild Poetry Slam, Mikayla Francis, performs an original poem “Two Birds, One Stone” November 16, 2019, Clanton, Alabama.

Winner of our Poetry Slam in the adult division, Kay Tippett, performs her original poem “Teaching Poetry to High Schoolers” in Clanton, Alabama on November 16, 2019.

Dr. Thylacine’s Hall of Cryptids - an original Halloween Puppet Play

The Usual Suspects featuring The Innocent Bystanders

In the Mood Jazz Festival

Clanton, Alabama - October 5th, 2019

Chuck King and the Swing Kings

In the Mood Jazz Festival

Clanton, Alabama - October 5th, 2019

“Death By Dessert” at Senior Connection

Clanton, Alabama - July 27th, 2019

“Play On!”

Jemison, Alabama - August 7th & 9th, 2018

“James & the Giant Peach”

August 19, 2017