Village of Hobart By: Mairim ESPINAL


Click here for the minutes #1 of 02/7/17. Click here for the minute #2 of 02/22/17. Click here for the minute #3 of 01/03/17. Click here for the minute #4 of 12/20/16. Click here for the minute #5 of 01/17/17

Map of Hobart
Centennial center map
2990 s. Pine Tree Rd Hobart, WI 54155
1. The new market place development: Trout creek veterinary clinic that will be in the first building. 2. LPGA planning: They will be holding several town hall type meeting for residents all their question can be answered prior to the tournament. 3. Storm water and lighting charge: information was given to the resident and will be place on the 09/17 agenda for discussion should the resident want to appear. 4. Creating land for future village use: may be considered for development in the future as the area to the south develops or for a park space. 5. Equipement Joint ownership: Hobart and Lawrence own a tractor together.
Equipment Joint Ownership: Each community would log the hours on the machines and do the maintenance ad need. I'm agree because they have a good plan for sharing. I think their plan is good maybe they need to be more clear about who will play for maintenance.
Thank you 😊

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