Industrial Era (aka Victorian Era) By Ethan centeno

What is the Industrial revolution? Was It How Guy Ritchie depicted it in his Movies? No it was Not. The Industrial revolution was the concept of new possibilities. People moved into the cities due to job loss in the country. This led to manufacturing process in Europe.

Industrial and Victorian Era

As shown in the pictures above, The Industrial Era was full of smog aka pollution. This was caused by the Factories which were spread through Europe's main Countries such as Germany, Italy, Austria Hungary, and heavily in the United Kingdom.

The Spread Through Europe

During this time period Napoleon ruled over France, Spain, Italy, Germany, ect.... Britain had a head start due to clear streets and rivers that allowed trade for Britain. They came up with the innovations and inventions that increased their economical Growth. Since Napoleon made the Continental system it caused other countries not to be Industrialized because it stopped trade, But when goods came secretly from Britain they were bought immediately instead of the French's goods which helped cause Napoleons downfall.

Workers in a coal Factory

Their were major profit made from the Factories. The reason for this was because they did't get paid the right amount on paycheck or disability. They abused young factory women and children. The working conditions were not okay at all. Many people who worked in the coal mines caught black lung or developed deformities.

Coal miners

Social aspects of life (Victorian Era)

The victorian Era was caused by the number of insufficient jobs located in the country due to land owning. This meant that the peasents could not buy there land because it costed to high. This led to people moving into the city to find work. Due to a big baby boom it became over populated. This just meant more money for the factory workers trying to keep people out of the street to work for them doing jobs for a small amount of Food. Also during this time period the Irish suffered from a famine. Potato crops were out and they couldn't harvest for some time.

Population Growth: They began the system of keeping track of births, deaths, and marriages.

Growth of Cities: Cities and towns had majorly increased in the beginning of the 19th century. Cities were rapidly becoming places for manufacturing and industry. London was one of the major cities.

New Social Classes: The rise of industrial capitalism produced a new middle-class group.

Standards of Living: In the first half of the 19th century there was a widening gap between rich and poor.

Efforts at Change- The Workers, Reformers and Government: The Trade Union Movement was majorly impacting society. They tried to solve more problem regarding enriching more poor people and improve the bed working conditions.


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