The Cade Museum Creativity +invention

Mission Statement

"To inspire creative thinking, future inventors, and early entrepreneurs so that communities flourish."

The Cade Museum uses their resources to promote creativity in the community and ignite the curiosity of this generation. They want to engage children in the arts and science so that may one day create something themselves. Their physical space, which is currently being built, will feature exhibits and experiences which will allow you to "grow into your creative potential."


The Cade Museum is named after the professor Dr. James Robert Cade

Dr. Cade was the inventor of Gatorade, and that is what he is most known for. However, he was a man of many talents and played a huge role in the creation of the first shock-dissipating football helmet.

The Cade Museum and its accompanying foundation are rich with history. Dr. Cade's thirst for knowledge and discovery as well as his diverse background in the arts are some of the thrusting forces for creating such an organization.

What Cade Does

The Cade Museum hosts a variety of events and programs with which children can use to learn more about science and art. 

The Cade Museum designs all of their programs with STEAM in mind

One such example of a Cade program is the FAB LAB, which is a space that offers advance technologies which children can use to create inventions of their own.

The Cade Museum has a clear focus on kids and giving them the tools to invent and be creative

The Cade Museum hosts a wide array of events in hopes of inspiring this new generation to becoming the inventors and artists of the future

The Cade Museum's goal to give tools to children so that they may experience science and art firsthand is what drew me to the position


The Cade Museum is a great organization that offers valuable programs to children in need of science and art education. These children are offered a fun way to learn and ignite their creativity, and that kind of mission is something I would be happy to work towards.

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