Electromagnetic Radiation Annabelle Stabach

What is it?

Electromagnetic Radiation is the energy that travels in waves across space as well as throurrgh matter. Most of electromagnetic radiation on Earth comes from the sun

What does it travel in?

Electromagnetic Radiation travels in electromagnetic waves, such as through humans and buildings.

How is it measured? How is it classified?

Electromagnetic radiation is measured by the distance in the wavelength and its distance between two corresponding points on adjacent waves. Electromagnetic Radiation is classified by certain wavelengths and wave frequencies.

What types of electromagnetic radiation are there in the electromagnetic spectrum?

There is radio, microwave, infrared, visible, ultraviolet, X-ray, and gamma rays. Examples of radio radiation are humans. Microwave radiations are honey bees. Infrared radiation can be a cell. Visible radiation can be protozones. Ultraviolet radiation can be molecules. X-ray radiation can be adams. Gamma rays radiation can be atomic nuclei. The highest level of radiation which is Gamma rays are very dangerous. Gamma rays can penetrate almost anything. They can even pass through bones and teeth. Gamma rays destroy living cells, produce gene mutations, and cause cancer.


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