Aboriginal culture is full of music and songs and like other native people they had also expressed their culture through art since the beginning of time.

Aboriginal music has developed a number of unique instruments and the most famous is the didgeridoo, a traditional instrument played by the aborginial


The didgeridoo is made of long piece of hollowed wood and is categorized as wind instruments


The australian aborginial had many different traditions. they belive that the earth is internal, and so are many figures or beings who inhabit it. Ritual ceremonies involve song and dance, and body painting also. they have shaman's people who seek contact with the spirits. Their bodies are full of tattos and it says that they can tell about the future or have common years is going to elvolve


The aboriginal peope came and lived to australia 50-60 000 years before the europeans settled in Austrailia in 1770

Aboriginals realised settlers stole from them they fought back wich ended in a massacre

Statistics show that there was 670,000 aboriginals in 2011

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