"We are not living in eternity. We only have this moment, Sparkling like a star in our hand and melting like a snowflake." Francis Bacon Sr

What to do with all the precious moments life? let them glide by in a whirl of bus-y-ness and tension? or live each moment, noticing and welcoming them like the precious gifts they are.

The 8 week MBSR course leads the participants through a programme of enquiry, practise and learning.

Small groups work together over the 8 weeks to establish trust, rapport and maximum support.

Following the practise and guidelines of MBSR founder Jon Kabbat Zinn this is 16 hours of tutor led practise, over 7 weeks, ending with an afternoon retreat in the final session.

Your tutors are Adele Doxey from The Mind Spa and Jackie Braddock from Feel Good Naturally. Both follow guidelines for Mindfulness teachers and are members of the Mindfulness Teachers Institute.

Jackie has 16 years experience in the corporate world asking questions to get the business to think differently. After being made redundant in 2011, she started mindfulness training to help resolve her childhood limiting beliefs and the bullying she had endured over the years. She saw the vast benefits and has continued her mindfulness training over the last 5 years adding techniques such as MBSR and MBCT to her portfolio.

Adele is a psychological based Mindfulness and Wellbeing consultant who studied Cognitive neuro psychology at degree level for 2 years as well as adding techniques such as MBSR, MBCT and Mindfulness Teacher and has run successful mindfulness and meditation groups for 10 years. Her own personal practise began 40 years ago to deal with teenage angst associated with a difficult family situation and it continues to be the back bone of her busy life.

The development of this course was a natural progression. Through our practises we see more and more people suffering the effects of stress of our modern lifestyles, to the point of making them ill. We became concerned and realised that as a population we need to find new ways of dealing with this new way of life that our minds have not caught up with. We teach this because it has proven clinical scientific results. Both tutors already teach shorter courses as introductions, this is the in depth course. It is for those who want to deepen their practise, their understanding of themselves and to delve further into the amazing results that come about from the MBSR.

This course will take place on Wednesday evenings begining May 3rd at 7pm at The Mind Spa No: 37 Carr Street, Marsh, Huddersfield, HD3 4AU. Booking is essential.

To book: Jackie Braddock Feelgood Naturally. email: jackie@feelgoodnaturally.co.uk  or FB: Feel Good Naturally (Dealing with the root cause of your problems and not the symptoms) or Adele @ 01484 917454 or FB: The Mind Spa (For The Modern Mindful Life : Wellbeing - Coaching - Creativity)


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