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The teacher assigned us the paper above, and gave us construction paper. With that we had to make a picture that went with the definition of the woods, which in this paper was the principles of design.
This paper is also for the principles of design. but with different vocabulary. We also had to use the construction paper here, making pictures of what the definition of the word was.
This is the goal card, and the goal is set was to accept myself, and just be the person I am. To be someone that isn't scared to show off the real them. What I did was to cover my card in a pattern design, added a mask. The mask represents someone we aren't. I added take off the mask at the end, because if you "take off the mask" you show the real you.
This was an exercises we were supposed to do, during class. The teacher provided us with paper, marker, and commonly used objects. We were to draw the object that teacher provided, but we could lift the marker only
This was an exercise we were to do. The assignment was drawing our hand, without looking nor lifting the pencil from the paper.
The assignment was to draw something from an angle, and I chose to do was the hallway which is going up.
This is the bones assignment. Mrs. Burwell put her animal skulls in display and we had to draw them. We used art tools to add the shadows and some of the details.
This is the value scale we did, using the drawing pencils we use to draw. We also added the meaning to what H and B are.
These are the cylinders, and it's shadows. The assignment was to draw the cylinders and draw its shadow where the light wasn't reflecting off the cylinder.
This is two triangles with their shadows. I started off with using the ruler and drawing art pencil, making the outline of the main figure. I then added in the shadows using a drawing tool to create the shadow and all the rest of the outline.
The assignment was to draw spheres that were on a table. We used a stencil to draw the main figure of the spheres then with special drawing tools we added the shadowing. By adding the shadowing it created the illusion of the spheres on the table. 
Perspective cubes two point perspective, to make this drawing we used rulers, and drawing tools. We used two points and the ruler to create the squares.
This is the one point perspective, which to make the drawing I used some drawing tools, and my art pencils. I had to make a line in the middle, then see the what was the middle line from that. After that I had to draw the lines connecting to the one point, which then made the boxes.
Mrs. Burwell taught us the steps of drawing lips. We were shown to draw three types of lips including their shadows.
The picture above demonstrates three attempts of drawing a nose. The teacher first showed us the basic skills to drawing a nose, later adding the shadows.
The assignment was to draw three pairs of eyes. We were to add the eyebrows and the top of the nose brick.
The last part of the human features was the ears. The one on the left is the side few of what the human years look like. The one of the right is how the drawn human ear looks like from front view.
This is a picture of when my classmates and I were reinforcing the Elands, after we had finished drawing and cutting them out.
This was the end result of the hard work the art classes. Also it was end result of how the Elands turned out.
For the Zebra that was also in the puppet show, I helped paper mache it, which the whole process was needed for it to be painted and detailed.
For the sacred Ibis and the clouds I also helped out. For the Ibis I helped paper mache it, and for the clouds I also helped some of my classmates paint them.
I helped paper mache young Eland which is the one on right. The end result of the other students that helped work on his, is the picture above.
Surrealism is expressing imaginative dreams and visions free from conscious rational control. In other words making something no matter how crazy it might seem, you can create a picture or drawing with it. I used surrealism in my collage by making the wolverines fly, have wings, or just be able to hold shields or umbrella. The surrealism artist I used was Frida Kalho.
This is my self-portrait. For my self-portrait I chose that analogous color scheme which includes the color is light blue purple teal and dark blue. The dark blue was also one of my personal symbols that are shown in my surrealism art, and dark blue represents knowledge and power which I think it best represents how I am. 
This is my pop art self portrait. To create this I used an app called pic monkey, and with that I added the colors in it. The definition of pop art is art that uses elements of popular culture, such as magazines, movies, popular music, and even bottles and cans. 
The personal symbols that I chose to emphasize on my mask or the Wolverine, which I feel best represents me because wolverines are associated with the wildness, strength, power, attitude, encourage. The world Coulter I chose to represent it is Japan and use Japanese text your designs to also add dimension and Variety. 
This was my first sketch of my drawing mask. 

I've learned that and our people view things differently. Another thing that I've learned is that you can create art and all different types of ways. I've learned that art and history has slowly become to change, but the ways people see things are so different from back when it first started. By art styles you could create surrealism art, pop art, digital artwork. During my time and not one of learned how to create a digital collage, how to transfer something from a little picture to a big picture, and how to create pop art. Another thing I've learned is how to draw human features, and most importantly how to create my own art.

My favorite artist quote is from Edward Hopper. "If I could say and words there would be no reason to paint." 

The artwork I chose was called "Bulb" the artist was Ingo Maurer. The date that the artwork was made is 1966, and the medium is Chromium-plated metal and glass. The artwork lives in the MoMa art museum. It was my favorite artwork because, In a way it represented life to me. It represented life in so many ways, but the one that popped out the most was that life is like a lightbulb. Life is like a lightbulb because, The lightbulbs light sooner or later has to fade out into nothing. When that moment happens to light ball Bolden been nothing but a simple light last object. Life works that way, you're like a lightbulb that will sooner or later run out and when that happens there's nothing to do than just to just except the fact that your souls internal flame will go out.
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