The History of Super Bowls SUPER BOWLS 1-51

Focus question

Tom Brady

what was the first super bowl like and how has it changed over the course of the years to this current one.


Joe Montana

There has been over fifty super bowls since the first one took place. I bet that you don't know how the super bowl has changed over those fifty years though. The first super bowl was played between the NFC Greenbay Packers and the AFC Kansas city Chiefs. This year the Chiefs made it to the top 8 teams and lost but the packers are still fighting in the final four to win yet another super bowl. Although the teams might be the same from the first super bowl and this one, the actual super bowl itself has changed.


Many more people watch the superbowl now to. In fact because of that the 30 second commercial slot has gone up from $42000 to 4 million dollars. There are some contrasts to. Back in the first super bowl they fought over the size and shape and weight of the ball just like today.


1.) According to ( link ) Answer by Delanie Walker, NFC Champion with San Francisco 49ers (2012) he stated, “ The intensity goes up just a little bit more. Once you get into the playoffs, everybody’s reenergized. They’ve recovered from their injuries, they’re focused, and everything moves a little faster. You have to watch more film, stay after practice a little longer, you have to lift weights, you have to make sure you’re in shape.”


2.According to ( link) they stated, "The past week wasn’t the first time N.F.L. officials and fans argued about the size and shape of a football. Before the first Super Bowl, on Jan. 15, 1967, the two teams — the N.F.L.’s Green Bay Packers and the American Football League’s Kansas City Chiefs — struggled over what kind of ball to use."


Charles Haley.

Overall the superbowl has changed tremendously during the course of fifty one years but there are still some parts of the first super bowl remaining.

By: Foxx Murphy

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