HockeyVille By: AIdan W

Hockeyville is home to a absolute monarchy. Some people call the king evil because he has all the power over his people. But this country has a lot more positives than negatives but it still has a lot of both. For one many people seem to be wanting to move here because of our strict government policy. People often feel safe and well protected. People who are born here often don’t leave and that is a problem because of our country has a lot of really populated areas.

Hockeyville is setup to have a government called a absolute monarchy. The king has to put out new laws every so often to make the people happy. The king’s son is the representative he makes sure the laws are enforced and makes sure people vote on the new laws. It only takes a month or to make a law legal. Usually to go to the king the representative needs 1000 people to agree with him other wise it usually won’t go to the king. This government doesn’t need everyone to be active. It is usually a fast moving government. The way the people look at it, it’s a really strict government but it makes us feel safe and well protected.

Our government is pretty easy to live in as long as you know the rules and like them. Because if you don’t follow the rules you go to jail for 5 to 10 years. It is also pretty challenging to rule here if there is no people left in the royal family an order to maybe become a new king your whole family needs to have all A’s on every subject in every grade. The people hate a few rules 1: you need a high school or college diploma to play any professional or college sport. 2: you need at least 365 days of community service by the time you’re 30, you can start at age 18 or higher. The government can kick anybody off their land even if you just started living there. Our schools go up to 12th grade then college. Our town is not always voting on things that makes it easier to live in. Only sometimes the king puts out a lot of laws at once. With almost no new laws we are voting on it makes it easier to concentrate on school and jobs.


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