My Goals By: Jeyce Jessup

One year goals:

  1. One of my main goals this year is to make my high school baseball team by practicing catching throwing and hitting.
  2. This year my goal is to keep all of my grades above the C range by studying and getting in all of my work on time.
  3. During this year I will start getting better at spelling by doing different spelling programs online.
  4. My last one year goal is to start saving money for a new glove for baseball by working doing peoples yards and saving the money that I make.

Three year goals:

  1. have a class at the west-mec southwest campus for aeronautics and security/forensics within three years.
  2. I would like to get a job while I'm in school at the vans store at the mall within the next three years.
  3. I will start working on my computer skills by doing typing lessons on the computer and start learning about how computers work.
  4. I will get a new dog so that my dog wont be so lonely I will do this by spending some of the money that I make at the vans store.

Five year goals:

  1. I will practice running and gaining speed that way I can do all of the rigorous work that police have to do on the job and with baseball.
  2. I will buy a car by saving the money that I make while going to school and helping my parents and grandparents.
  3. I will get a better job while going to school by making a resume and by looking online for a job.
  4. I will continue coaching baseball and make sure that my team wins their tournament at the end of their season by putting them through a rigorous but fun practice.

Ten year goals:

  1. Within five years after high school I will have gone to the west-mec security and forensics school for the two years that I will need then I will finish my last two at a police academy and finally find a department to go to.
  2. I will plan to travel to Europe because I will have passed through all of my training and will still probably have money saved up to go on a trip.
  3. I will either buy a house or start renting an apartment by having either the money to do it by myself or getting a roommate.
  4. I will go to my ten year graduation as a more successful member of society by fulfilling all of my goals.


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