Samsung By:Ali Moeinzad

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Samsung was founded on March 1, 1938 by Lee Byung-chul. Samsung started as a trading company selling fruits and vegetables to Beijing. In a couple years Samsung changed course and started looking into technology, building black and white televisions.

Samsung building

In 1987 when Lee, the founder, died the company split. The part that remained "Samsung" began making personal computers and other house appliances, which is what they are most famous for now.

Samsung memory chip

In 1992 Samsung hit many milestones, they where named the worlds largest producer of memory chips, developed the first DVD-R (digital video disk recorder), and began manufacturing in China.

Samsung galaxy phone

On April 27, 2009, Samsung released their first galaxy smart phone. This was one of the first steps Samsung took to make their cellphone product line, which is now one of their, if not the most, bought product.

Samsung curved tv

In 2013 Samsung unveiled the worlds first curved tv. This showed how Samsung was on top of it all when it comes to technology.

Now Samsung is about to release their new Galaxy s8. Its rumored to be around 850$, and full of new features. Samsung has to go all out with this new phone because of how bad their failure was last year with their phones exploding.

My thoughts on Samsung in the future are that they will continue to be at the top of new technology, and that even though they did really bad last year with their phones I think Samsung can make a comeback, and that their new phones will put them back in the number 1 spot.


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Ali Moeinzad


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